Manenetchi (まねーねっち Manēnetchi) is a female character who debuted in the Tamagotchi! anime. She also appears on the Tamagotchi iD L as a non-raisable character.


Manenetchi is similar to Telelin; she is a pink cellphone with a blue bow on the top left of her head and body. She also carries an orange notebook.

In the Anime

Manenetchi is Lovelin's agent at TAMAX-TV. She is always there for Lovelitchi/Lovelin, being there for her when she needs her the most. They know everything about each other and treat each other just like sisters or best friends.

Name Origin

Manenetchi's name is based on the Japanese pronunciation of 'manager' (マネージャー Manējā), since she is Lovelin's manager.



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