Manga de Hakken! Tamagotch (まんがで発見!たまごっち Found in the Manga! Tamagotch) is a 4-koma manga series written by Gotō Hideki (後藤英貴 ごとう ひでき) under the pen name "Gotchin" and published by Shogakukan.

The series was initially serialized in CoroCoro Comic from October 1997 to April 1999, appearing in 19 volumes of the magazine. The full series was later released as two manga volumes, "Tentōmushi Comics Special - Manga de Hakken! Tamagotch: 4 Koma Gekijō", and some strips appearing on Gotō's website, Found in the manga! Tamagotch, with the series coming to an end in January 2001.


Tamagotch 1998 comic-strip
There is no Mikachu, no Professor Banzo, and no Tamagotchi Planet. All Tamagotchis live on The Earth along with the humans in peace and harmony. But not always; in their crazy adventures they always seem to be making chaos.

For example, shown in the comic strip: "Maskutchi is stealing from a local grocery store, and the young boy (Owner of Kuchipatchi) tells Kuchipatchi to help him stop the thief. But instead Kuchipatchi goes to store and steals his own food!?"

The manga is based on the Tamagotchi P1 and P2, along with the Tamagotchi Ocean and Tamagotchi Garden. The comics also have some classic Tamagotchi comedy such as poop hidden in objects. Tamagotchi virtual pets make appearances in the comics, and the Tamagotchi characters do not speak.

The main characters in the manga are Kuchipatchi the hungry, Mametchi the genius, Ginjirotchi the cry baby, and a young boy. Shown in the manga, Kuchipatchi is the young boy's Tamagotchi and best friend. The boy also owns a Tamatchi.


List Price
Publication Date / ISBN
まんがで発見! たまごっち 4コマ劇場 1

(Manga de Hakken! Tamagotch 4 Koma Gekijō 1)


March 28th, 1998 
ISBN: 4091493712

まんがで発見! たまごっち 4コマ劇場 2

(Manga de Hakken! Tamagotch 4 Koma Gekijō 2)


December 16th, 1998 
ISBN: 4091493729

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