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Genders and Appearances:

Marketchi (マーケっち Māketchi) is a female adult Tamagotchi character. She appears as a non-raisable character on the Tamagotchi P's Station and the Tamagotchi 4U.


Marketchi has light pink skin, light red cheeks, and curly purple hair. She wears a green and yellow dress, gray gloves and boots, and a yellow bandanna. In the anime, she has brown irises.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi P's Station

Marketchi is a shopkeeper at the Tamago Market.

Tamagotchi 4U

Marketchi appears at the park. The player can choose to either buy from her or sell to her. The items she offers are: Swirly Glasses, Beret, and Top Hat. Sometimes she has a sale on her goods.

In the Anime

Marketchi in the anime

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Marketchi appears in the episode Welcome to the Marche!.

Name Origin

Marketchi's name comes from the English word market.

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