Marutchi (まるっち) is a child stage character that debuted on the original Tamagotchi and later appeared on the Tamagotchi Connection (including the Japanese Plus), Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 and most recently as a female baby on the 15th Anniversary iD L.


Marutchi resembles a small, yellow ball with button-eyes and a mouth. Its 2004 artwork added rosy cheeks. In its original US artwork, Marutchi was green instead of yellow. The Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. app includes red and blue variations in the data, but they cannot be obtained.


Marutchi is said to be cheeky, enjoys rolling around a lot and has a bad habit of acting like a spoiled brat. Marutchi often takes naps, but is usually very active and distinguished by its happy-go-lucky attitude.

Found in the manga! Tamagotchi describes Marutchi as "Extremely selfish, but so cute that you can't resist forgiving it."

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi (Generation 1)

Marutchi evolves from Babytchi after 65 minutes, and will evolve to the teen stage after 48 hours. It can become either Tamatchi with good care, or Kuchitamatchi with poor care. It wakes at 9 AM, sleeps at 8 PM, and has a base weight of 10. From this stage onward, it becomes vulnerable to Death from neglect.

While Discipline doesn't affect which teen it evolves into, it affects what amount of Discipline the teen starts off with, and therefore what evolutions are available to it. If the meter is 75-100% full, the teen will begin with 50%. If the meter is 50% or less, the teen will begin with 0%.

Tamagotchi Connection/Plus

Marutchi is the only child character who can evolve from a baby who hatched from an egg (1st generation). Babytchi and ShiroBabytchi will always evolve into Kinakomotchi on the second generation, but from the third generation onwards evolution will be determined by the parents' discipline levels and breed - Marutchi is more likely to occur if neither parent was one of the first or second-tier adults or if their discipline was under 50%.

Marutchi will evolve into a teenager in about 24 hours - on the first generation, Ichigotchi with good care and Hinotamatchi with bad care. In even numbered generations and subsequent odd numbered generations, Marutchi can only evolve into Oniontchi or Hinotamatchi.

Marutchi sleeps from 8 PM to 8 AM and has a base weight of 10lb. Its unique meal and snack are a bowl of rice and a piece of candy respectively, and its connection is a ball - all of which are shared with Kinakomotchi and the four teens.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 2

Marutchi can appear in the first generation, and can reappear in further generations if the parents had less than 50% training or were not one of the first or second-tier adults. If the requirements to evolve into the healthier pair of children are not met, Petitchi and ShiroPetitchi will randomly evolve into Marutchi or Hitodetchi. Its favorite food is cherry and its least favorite food is hamburger.

Tamagotchi Mini

Marutchi is the baby character, and evolves into its adult stage 24 hours later. The adult can be Mametchi with perfect care, Maskutchi with good care, Kuchipatchi with average care, or Nyorotchi with bad care. If a Darumatchi passed away with good care in the Good Luck version, and the Marutchi after the Darumatchi's death is given good care, it will evolve into Mikotchi.

Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary ver.

Marutchi is a female baby, and will randomly evolve into either UFOtchi or Kusatchi.

In Video Games

Tamagotchi (GB)

Marutchi is the healthy child, evolving from Babytchi and ShiroBabytchi with less than ten stress. If its stress is under 40, it will evolve into Tamatchi with one selfishness or Tongaritchi with two selfishness, and if its stress is 40 or higher it will evolve into Kuchitamatchi with one selfishness or Hashitamatchi with two selfishness.

Hoshi de Hakken! Tamagotchi

Marutchi is the sole child of Group E, evolving from Babytchi and evolving into Tamatchi with good care or Kuchitamatchi with bad care.

Tamagotchi Town

Marutchi evolves from Babytchi and evolves into Tamatchi with 3 or less stress, or Kuchitamatchi with 4 or more stress.

In Found in the manga! Tamagotch

Marutchi manga.png

Alongside Kuchipatchi, Marutchi is one of the two Tamagotchis owned by The Boy in Found in the manga!

Tamagotch. Unlike other Tamagotchis in the manga, Marutchi never evolves past its child stage. When The Boy first obtained the egg, he made a snide remark about how he didn't want it to evolve into another Kuchipatchi. Kuchipatchi spitefully cracked open the egg to cook its yolk. Marutchi was fine, but because it was hatched too early, it always remains at its child stage.

Despite being described as extremely selfish in the manga's profile segment, Marutchi is innocent throughout the series but often suffers for comedic purposes. For example, being sat on and used as a cushion by Kuchipatchi until it turns into a pancake, or having its blood drained out because of Kuchipatchi using an injection needle on it the opposite way. Marutchi often follows or copies Kuchipatchi despite his poor treatment of it.



See Tonmarutchi.

Marutchi Angel

See Marutchi Angel.

Name Origin

In Japanese, "maru" means round or circle.


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