Matchi (まっち Matchi) is a non-raisable male Tamagotchi that appears exclusively on the Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Version.

He is a Fan-made Contest Tamagotchi Character.


Matchi's appearance is based off of a match. He has a skinny tan body and a round red head. He has black dot-like eyes and a yellow beak. He has long stick-like arms and short stick-like legs. He has three brown dots on the front of his torso.

Appearances On Virtual Pets

Matchi appears with the other fan-made character Presentchi at the last destination unlocked, Gotchi King's Castle. He is seen lighting fireworks.

Name Origin

Matchi's name is a pun on the English word "match" (マッチ matchi), which is what his design is based on.


iD L 15th


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