Megamitchi (めがみっち Megamitchi) is a female adult character. She first appeared on the Tamagotchi School toy, and would appear as an obtainable adult on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity. She can be seen on the Celebrity Cruise ship in Tama & Earth EXPO.


Megamitchi appears to be based on a candle and the Statue of Liberty. She has light cream-colored skin, and her eyes are blue and with Memetchi-like sparkles. She has orange hair and a flame on top of her head. She wears a cream dress and a necklace with pink, yellow, green, and blue beads. She holds a torch in her left hand.


A solemn ancestral Tamagotchi that controls the movements of the Tamagotchi stars. It hosts events of the Tamagotchi world for generations. It was present when Tamagotchi Town was first founded. It is good friends with Princess Tamako and the two of them often share tea with each other.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi School

Megamitchi is student #103, and can only be obtained via the e-Tamago website. As the site has been taken offline, Megamitchi can no longer be obtained.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity

Megamitchi is a female Sociable Family adult that can be obtained from any of the female teens (Chamametchi, Ichigotchi and Shelltchi) trained primarily with Sociable items, and with a bonding percentage of 80% or more. Upon marriage, she evolves into Tennyotchi.

In the Anime

Let's Go! Tamagotchi

Megamitchi had a brief cameo in episode 6 of Let's Go! Tamagotchi. As Chamametchi browses different television channels, Megamitchi appears on the screen for a moment.


Megamitchi makes background appearances in TAMAX-TV.

Name Origin

Megamitchi's name comes from the Japanese word megami 女神, meaning goddess. Given her resemblance to the Statue of Liberty, the name likely comes from the statue's Japanese name: 自由の女神 (Jiyuu no Megami, Goddess of Freedom).


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