Anime version of a Melody Charm.

The Melody Charms (Merodi Chāmu メロディチャーム) are ancient charms created by Shodai Joou Sama, the first queen of Melody Land. The Melody Charms have since turned themselves into Tama Profys, with the power of Tama Heart.


Lovelitchi and Melodytchi shaking their Melody Charms.

A Melody Charm works when shaken, touched or tapped. Through these three actions, the Melody Charm gives off a twinkly beep or a shoe tapping sound.

The Melody Charm gives off shiny pink sparkles every time one of these actions are done. The sparks also seem to make anyone happy near the charm(s), similar to Hapihapitchi's happy power. Also with tone deaf singers like Mametchi, the charm somehow seems to make his voice sound good whenever he is wearing it or using it. Without the charm, he is a horrible singer. The reason on how the charm does this is unknown, but it is implied that it contains some kind of mysterious power.

So far only two Tamagotchis are known to have one of these charms are Lovelitchi and Melodytchi. Melodytchi keeps her charm around her neck, and Lovelitchi keeps her charm in her heart bag. Lovelitchi and Melodytchi haven't been seen using the charms much in the anime, Tamagotchi!, and have never been seen singing while using the charm either.


Anime scene from Tamagotchi!, of Lovelitchi and Melodytchi receiving their Melody Charms.

Lovelitchi and Melodytchi earned these charms after they performed their song Happy Happy Harmony in front of Joou Sama, at the Melody Land Festival. Everyone was so happy, they cheered, screamed, and clapped, and so did Joou Sama after they finished. Joou Sama thanked Lovelitchi and Melodytchi and told Melodytchi the truth about her Melody Violin. After she told the truth to Melodytchi, the Melody Note and Crown on the ceiling with the Melody Angels started to glow. Then with a glowing burst, two little hearts floated down and landed in Lovelitchi's and Melodytchi's hands. Then suddenly stop glowing to reveal that they were Melody Charms. Joou Sama explained that the Melody Charms were created by Shodai Joou Sama, and that one day she wanted the charms to be given to the two greatest musicians in Melody Land.

Later, the charms was ultimately merged with the Tama Profys, making the device able to collect the Tama Hearts.


Melody Charm toy.

A replica toy of the charm has also been made by Bandai Japan, selling price is about ¥2,835. This Tamagotchi-themed toy plays five different songs when tapped and shaken. It plays two music sounds by default, but another mode lets you choose 5 other sounds: piano, flute, trumpet, drum, and dog. There are also two different minigames and a free play mode. Requires 2 AAA-size batteries (batteries included).

See also

  • Lovely Melody — The only song that is played with the use of the Melody Charm
  • Melody Violin — Another ancient treasure created by Shodai Joou Sama.

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