Melody Land (TC)

The map of Melody Land on Tamagotch Channel.

Melody Land (メロディランド Merodi Rando) is a musical town located far away from Tamagotchi Town. It is also the hometown of Melodytchi and Pianitchi. It appears in the anime and is an unlockable location on the Tamagotchi iD L.


Melody Land

Melody Land from the anime show, Tamagotchi!

Melody Land is just like Tamagotchi Town but in a very musical way. All the Tamagotchis there are musical and classical. They also have their own royal family, and you won't find some of the characters in Tamagotchi Town.

Some residents look very different from the usual Tamagotchis, some are very fluffy like Lovelitchi, and some have hair on their heads like humans or are just furry. Some have the same ears as Mametchi and Kuromametchi, on their hair or head like cats.