Melodytchi's Violin off the anime Tamagotchi!

The Melody Violin (メロディバイオリン Merodi Baiorin) is Melodytchi's special violin who she calls My Friend. It appears in the anime and is an obtainable item on the Tamagotchi 4U.

The Melody Violin also appears in popular Tamagotchi! songs, such as Happy Happy Harmony, Every Lovely Violin, Happy Heart, and Melodytchi 's favorite songs Melody Waltz and Smile For Tomorrow


Obtaining the Violin

Anime scene from Tamagotchi!, of Joou Sama giving Young Melodytchi the Melody Violin.

Nothing much is known about this violin, but what is known is that this violin dates back to the long history of Melody Land, is hundreds of years old, and belonged to the first queen of Melody Land, Shodai Joou Sama. Melodytchi recieved the violin when she was young from Melody Land's princess Joou Sama, who is now their queen.The reason why Melodytchi was given this violin from Joou Sama‎, is because it choose her to be its owner. It chose her when she was playing her father's violin, in the Melody Land castle, when she was lost. When she played her father's violin, the Melody Violin that was cased away started to glow brightly. When Joou Sama‎ saw that the violin was glowing, she happily gave it to Melodytchi.

My Friend

Young anime version of My Friend from Tamagotchi! (Episode 120)

Main article: My Friend

My Friend (マイ·フレンド Mai Furendo) as called by Melodytchi, is the Tamagotchi character inside the Melody Violin. She appears in episode 119 - 120 as a young teen Tamagotchi, but then evolves in episode 120 into an adult character and disappears. Which also makes the Melody Violin change color from pink to white. At the end of the episode, Melodytchi then plays a new song, Smile For Tomorrow.


The Melody Violin toy

The original Melody Violin toy was released in Japan on November 2010. It was then released again in March 2012 with a new white color and several new songs, called the Kirakira Melody Violin.

There are three buttons on the violin's body; select, confirm, and cancel. There are also eight rubber buttons on the neck of the violin, and an on/off switch at the back. The violin works by the user moving the bow back and forth across the roller switch in the middle, which has a soft rubber covering.

There are five different modes and a volume adjustment option.

Melody Play A Mode: Choose a song and the tune will automatically play at the tempo the bow is moved on the roller. Any of the 15 songs can be played in this mode.

Melody Play B Mode: Similar to Melody Play A Mode, except in this mode, background music is played and only 7 songs are available (All the Tamagotchi songs).

Performance Mode: Users can play their own tune by holding down the buttons on the neck of the violin will moving the bow over the roller.

Scoring Mode: Similar to Melody Play A Mode, except Melodytchi will tell the user how accurate their tempo was.

Instrument Melody Play: Exclusive to the Kirakira Melody Violin, replacing the Scoring Mode. It allows the violin to sound like other instruments.

Mini-games: Users can play the Left-to-Right game (Slide the bow left or right according to Melodytchi's instructions) or the Do-Re-Mi Memory game (press the correct buttons that Melodytchi says while playing the violin). The Kirakira Melody Violin has two new minigames called Melody Lesson and Rhythm Lesson. These minigames replaced the first two.

Volume: The user can choose from three different volume levels. Volume 2 is default and is reset each time the Melody Violin is turned off and on again.

Requires 3 AA-size batteries (not included).

Melody Violin songs

Tamagotchi songs

  1. エブリー・ラブリー / Lovely Day
  2. ミラクル・キッチン / Miracle Kitchen
  3. GO-GO たまごっち!(オープニング曲) / GO-GO Tamagotchi!
  4. もしも☆パラダイス!(エンディング曲) / Moshimo☆Paradise
  5. たまともフォーエバー(エンディング曲) / Tama-Friends Forever More
  6. ハッピーハッピーハーモニー (エンディング曲) / Happy Happy Harmony
  7.  テルトハッザ / Melody Waltz

Classic songs

  1. ジングルベル / Jingle Bells
  2. 雪 / Snow
  3. 木星 / Jupiter
  4. 交響曲第9番 / Symphony No. 9 (Ode to Joy)
  5. カノン / Canon
  6. ガボット / Gavotte
  7. きらきらぼし / Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  8. ハッピーバースデートゥーユー / Happy Birthday to You

Kirakira Melody Violin songs

Tamagotchi songs

  1. キラキラEveryDay / Kirakira EveryDay
  2. いのり / Prayer
  3. あしたの笑顔 / Smile For Tomorrow
  4. ハッピー☆ハート / Happy Heart
  5. ラブリーメロディ / Lovely Melody
  6. エブリー・ラブリー / Every Lovely
  7. ハッピーハッピーハーモニー / Happy Happy Harmony

Classic songs

  1. メヌエット / Minuet
  2. エリーゼのために / Für Elise
  3. 愛のあいさつ / Salut d'Amour
  4. 大きな古時計 / Grandfather's Clock 
  5. 森のくまさん / The Other Day I Met a Bear 
  6. 山の音楽家
  7. ウィーウイッシュユーアメリ-クリスマス / We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  8. ハッピーバースデートウーユー / Happy Birthday to You


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