Melomamatchi (メロママっち Meromamatchi) is the mother of Melodytchi and the wife of Melopapatchi. She appears in the Tamagotchi! anime.


Melomamatchi has the similar cat-like appearance of Melodytchi. She has blue eyes, beige skin, a long tuft of hair on her head, and pointy ears. She is tall and her face has a square-like shape. She wears a long, light purple dress with white sleeves and a lace collar with a music note on the front. She has purple beads around her ears, with a pink frilly flower on the right.

When she was younger, her outfit was green instead of purple.


Melomamatchi is a very famous soprano singer in Melody Land. She enjoys singing and is known for her live concerts. She also frequently sang to Melodytchi as an egg, hence the reason why Melodytchi loves music.

Melomamatchi is very proud of her daughter for being such a great violinist, and loves her very much. Because Melodytchi now lives at Tama Cafe, Melomamatchi misses her a lot. She is very happy when receiving presents and phone calls from Melodytchi.

She is gentle and loving, and often cries of happiness.

In the Anime


On Virtual Pets

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Melomamatchi can be seeen in photographs of Meloditchi and her parents.


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