What happened to Memetchi's hair!?

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Memetchi's Curling Predicament! (めめっちのぐるぐるピンチ! Memetchi no Guruguru Pinchi!) is the third episode in the series Let's Go! Tamagotchi.



One morning, Memetchi happily wakes up and walks over to her mirror. She is surprised, however, to see that her hair has become completely messed up during the night. She desperately tries to curl it again, but it made no difference. She then cries desperately, but still goes to school even with "horrible" hair.

At Tamagotchi School, everyone watches as Makiko taunts and teases Memetchi about her hair. However she is comforted by a friend, who gives her a flower and tells her she looks nice even with straight hair. Memetchi cheers up, and puts the flower in her hair. It falls out, however, causing Makiko to laugh at her and wind her up even more. This makes Memetchi devastatingly upset, and Flowertchi tries to compliment her and offers to style her hair.

Later at recess, everyone is playing and having a good time, but Memetchi sits alone behind a tree. Mametchi and Kuchipatchi walk up to her and ask her to play, since it isn't like her to sit alone; she's usually the one who joins them together to have the most fun. Memetchi, realizing she hasn't been herself, decides to play with her friends. She plays soccer, makes flower bracelets, necklaces, and headdresses with Flowertchi and her other friends, and plays leapfrog.

When it starts to rain, Memetchi follows Mametchi and Kuchipatchi under the sports building. She invites them back out to play tag, however. Kuchipatchi is the first one to be it, and he begins chasing Mametchi and Memetchi. As the three happily run around, it stops raining. Kuchipatchi falls into a puddle, and Mametchi rushes to help in. Kuchipatchi is fine, but he notices something with Memetchi's hair. Memetchi looks into the puddle, and realizes that the rain made her hair curly again!

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