White clockface Mezamatch

Mezamatch (めざまっち), also known as Tamagotchi Alarm Clock (たまごっちの目覚まし時計 Tamagotchi no Mezamashidokei) or Mezamatchi, is a device released exclusively in Japan in 1997. Rather than being a virtual pet, the Mezamatch is more like a digital clock. A Tamagotchi character is present on the screen and evolves over time, but does not require care from the user. It contains all the characters from the generation 1 Tamagotchi.


The Mezamatch looks like a large Tamagotchi on top of a sturdy, flat-bottomed base. It is larger and heavier than a standard Tamagotchi; including the base, it stands at approximately 5 inches (18.5cm) high. The buttons are on the base instead of the egg. There are four round buttons in a row, and below them is a large semicircular button. The reset button is next to the row of four buttons, and on the back there is a switch to turn the sound on and off. The screen has a cracked border around it and the background is the same as on the original Tamagotchi.

The Mezamatch comes in three shells: Blue with a white base and yellow buttons, translucent red with a pink base and white buttons, and a white clock face design with a blue base and dark blue buttons.


The Mezamatch has no icons, meaning very little interaction from the user. Its main purpose is an alarm clock. The user can set the time and date when they start the Tamagotchi. An egg will appear on the screen, and it will hatch and evolve at the same time intervals as a normal original Tamagotchi. The large button is for turning the alarm on and off. When there is a music note near the time on the main screen, that means the alarm is set.

Besides serving as an alarm clock, the Mezamatch also has a fortune-telling feature and one game. The fortune-telling feature can only be accessed if a birth date is entered. There will be eight different types of fortunes to choose from. A certain number of hearts will be displayed, representing how successful the user will be for the specific fortune they chose. After that, their "lucky number" will be given.

The game is called "HI & LOW" and is very similar to the game on the second generation original Tamagotchi. A number will be displayed and the player must guess whether the next number will be higher or lower. The first button is for selecting "HI" and the second button is for selecting "LOW".

While the Tamagotchi character does not require care, it still behaves like a Tamagotchi. For example, it sometimes eats after reading a fortune, it becomes happy after winning the game, it sometimes poops when the alarm goes off, and it goes to sleep at night. It is also possible for the Tamagotchi character to die, particularly when the alarm calls and the user fails to press the large button in time.


  • The special character, Oyajitchi, can be obtained.
  • The Mezamatch also comes with a sheet of Tamagotchi stickers.
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