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Mimitchi (みみっち Mimitchi) is an adult-stage character that debuted on the second generation of the original Tamagotchi. Before Tamagotchi species were given specific genders, Mimitchi was usually described as a male. However, she was eventually specified to be female.

She became a staple character for the series during the original and Connection eras, but she was used significantly less in the anime and color-screen era. Even so, she remained popular, and was voted the 9th most popular female Tamagotchi (in 2011) on the official 15th Anniversary Poll, surpassing Memetchi by 3 places.

Name Origin

Her name comes from the Japanese word "mimi", which means ear. This refers to her large rabbit-like ears.

Her Cantonese name, "大耳", literally means "Big Ears".


Mimitchi resembles a plump white rabbit with long, dark blue or black ears, pink cheeks, and a small, round tail. She has button eyes and a rabbit-like mouth. According to various Tamagotchi media, her ears are actually a hat and nobody knows what's inside.

On the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. app, she can also be hot pink, or yellow with green ears.


Mimitchi is a prodigy genius with an IQ of 200, making her one of the smartest Tamagotchis. She loves calculating numbers and reading books. She also likes writing, and has excellent penmanship. She has a sincere and polite disposition. One of her favorite meals is spaghetti with carrots.

When Mimitchi is angry, she bares her fangs and snarls.

In the Tamagotchi manga and anime, she has a speech habit. She adds the word "pyon" to the end of every sentence, which is the Japanese sound effect for bouncing. In the English dub of the Tamagotchi! anime, this is translated to "hop".

Official profiles
"Mimitchi is the most serious of the new species. It has an IQ of 200, which is not as good as Mametchi, but it seems to have become more human-like and familiar with life on Earth. It likes to calculate and can use calculators easily, and can immediately split bills in its head at the bar. Recently, it's been considering getting a qualification for book-keeping. It likes carrot spaghetti and its long ears have excellent hearing, but are vulnerable to radio waves. This is a secret, but it seems that the top part of its head can be taken off like a hat." - Polygon de Hakken!! Tamagotchi (JP, 1997)
"Mr. Long Ears loves to study, and is not far behind its cousin, Mametchi, in the smarts department. Both would do well in the academic tournament." - Nintendo Power guide to Tamagotchi Game Boy (USA, 1997)
“Mimitchi’s got a high IQ, a rabbit hat, and a bunny nose, too!” - What's a Tamagotchi Song, Tamagotchi Video Adventures
"This guy is a whiz with numbers and can help you with your tax returns! (In-Fact he is studying for a CPA license.) To adequately display his genius, he often wears a scholarly hat." - Hand tag of Mimitchi's Cybies plush
“Charming, witty, and great at math.” - McDonalds's Happy Meal bag
"The scholarly-looking hat on Mimitchi's head is there for a reason. Your pet is a maths wizard, which can come in very handy with homework and tax returns. Mimitchis are also charming and witty, making their appearances pretty rare." - The Official Tamagotchi Pet Care Guide and Record Book (UK, 1997)
"This Tamagotchi loves calculations. Although she has a gentle personality, she is a hard worker and hates to lose. Rumor has it, the big ears on her head are actually a hat...!?" - Tamagotchi Channel (JP, 2009 - current)
"Mimitchi loves calculating numbers. She has a gentle personality, though she hates to lose. She's a hard worker. Rumor is that her big ears is actually a hat...!? - Tamagotchi Pix website (2021)

On Virtual Pets

Original Tamagotchi

Mimitchi is a Generation 2 character, replacing Mametchi from the Generation 1. When the Tamagotchi is Tonmarutchi, good care must be provided and the Discipline meter must be filled to 75-100%. It will evolve into Tongaritchi and begin with 50% Discipline. From there, the user must maintain perfect care and fill the Discipline meter to 100%. Mimitchi has a base weight of 30, wakes at 9 AM, sleeps at 10 PM, and will never make Discipline calls.

Mimitchi has a maximum lifespan of 21-22 days on the original release and 24 days on the 2017 rerelease. The rate at which it loses hearts depends on how old it is - one every 86 minutes from evolution until the age of 16, finally losing one every three minutes towards the end of its maximum lifespan on the originals or one every 16 minutes on the re-release.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 1-3

Mimitchi appears in even-numbered generations with perfect care. On the V2 and V3, its favorite food is ice cream and it dislikes fish burgers on the former release and hamburgers on the latter. Having Mimitchi as a parent maximizes the likelihood of any offspring evolving into the healthier child - Kinakomotchi, Kuribotchi, or Mohitamatchi/Kuchitamatchi depending on the version.

Mimitchi's exclusive food, snack, and items on the V1 are sushi, tarts, and pencils and bows respectively, all shared with Mametchi.

Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus & Version 4

Mimitchi is a female in the Mame Family. She evolves from Young Mimitchi or Ringotchi when the highest guts/skill is Intelligence, and on the V4 in addition to good care and high overall skill points.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5

Mimitchi is a universal adult, thus not limited to a family. She can evolve from UFOtchi or Ichigotchi.

Tamagotchi Music Star

Mimitchi is the perfect care female on odd-numbered generations.

Tamagotchi Plus Color

Mimitchi is a non-raisable character that appears during walks from 10:00 AM to 5:59 PM.


Mimitchi is a female adult obtained through perfect care on odd-numbered generations.

Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Version

Mimitchi is obtained from Mikazukitchi with 2-3 Care Mistakes. While she appears an an NPC on all variants of the iD L, her sprites as a raisable character are stretched out to accompany for any clothes and accessories she can wear. Her liked items include the hat hair accessory, diced tofu, fruits mitsumame, cooking set, and pumpkin pie.

Tamagotchi m!x 20th Anniversary m!x

Mimitchi is an NPC who can be visited in Tamagotchi Town and eventually proposed to. Her hereditary traits are her body shape, her ears, and her eyes. Because the m!x no longer has clothing options like the 15th Anniversary iD L, Mimitchi's sprites on this version are far more accurate to her design.

Tamagotchi On

Mimitchi is a marriage partner exclusive to the Tamagotchi On App. She was made available twice; once on the Japanese app from May 1 through May 31, 2019, and on the English app from September 1 through October 1, 2020.

Pac-Man Tamagotchi

Mimitchi is an adult that can be raised from Babytchi with perfect care.

Tamagotchi Pix

Mimitchi appears on the Tamagotchi Pix as a raisable character.

In the Anime

Tamagotchi Video Adventures

Mimitchi first appears at the beginning of the Tamagotchi Video Adventures, following Maskutchi and Zuccitchi into the museum before noticing the fourth wall and turning on a machine that translates the Tamagotchi language into English in response.

Mimitchi is classified as a male and is paired up with Pochitchi during the expedition to Earth. The two of them find, watch and steal a television, but find that they are unable to get it to work upon returning to the Tamagotchi Planet to show Cosmotchi and resort to climbing inside to act their own show.

Let's Go! Tamagotchi

Mimitchi appears as a background character in Let's Go! Tamagotchi as a member of Mametchi's class. She never speaks in the Tamagotchi movies, but she does in the Tamagotchi! anime as a minor character.


Mimitchi was one of the only Tamagotchis (who didn't already know Lovelitchi's secret) to notice that Lovelitchi looked identical to Lovelin, and how similar their names were. She even pointed this out to Lovelitchi herself before she voluntarily revealed the secret to all her classmates, which made Lovelitchi nervous at the time. The reason Mimitchi paid attention to their similarities may be because Mimitchi is known to be smarter than most other Tamagotchis. She is best friends with Ringotchi and, like many other Tamagotchis, is a big fan of Lovelin.

In "Chop! Gotchi Slices!" she is a detective who works with Kuromametchi and Ringotchi to chase down and arrest the thugs who have stolen an exotic treasure from the royal family.

In "No Boys Allowed! The Princess Day Party", she attends the princess day party with the other girls in Ms. Perfect's class. She helps herself to the feast and takes a bite of pudding.

In "New Members? To Class Suddenly", many students in Mametchi's class were replaced to make room for the new Tamagotchi iD L characters. There was a scene in which Mimitchi and Ringotchi were crying over now being in separate classes, solidifying the fact that they are best friends despite their small amount of focus in the anime.

In Video Games

Tamagotchi (GB)

Mimitchi evolves from Tamatchi if its stress is under 40, has zero selfishness and its power is higher than its intelligence. If its intelligence and power are equal, then a Tamatchi will randomly evolve into Mametchi or Mimitchi. Mimitchi's favorite food is carrots, it sleeps from 9pm to 7am and its highest possible beauty contest score is 95.

Hoshi de Hakken!! Tamagotchi

Mimitchi is a Group F adult that evolves from Tongaritchi with good care. Since all of the characters in Groups E and F are genderless, Mimitchi is incapable of breeding.

Tamagotchi Town

Mimitchi evolves from Tongaritchi and Hashitamatchi with under two stress points.

Other Forms


Main article: Kigurumitchi

Kigurumitchi is a costume character based on Mimitchi. It is obtained when any adult character on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 wears the "rare" costume.

Young Mimitchi

Main article: Young Mimitchi

Young Mimitchi is the young form of Mimitchi. She is seen on the Entama, Tamagotchi Connection versions 1, 2, 3 and 4 and later Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2. She is very sincere and has great plans for her life. She loves to study and is a huge admirer of Mimitchi.


Vintage Artwork

Modern Artwork

Anime screenshots



  • Originally, her birthday was November 24, one day after the first Tamagotchi was released. However, her birthday has been changed to the 8th of August - the release date of the 1997 Japanese Tamagotchi CD-ROM game.
  • Graphics of Mimitchi are printed on two Tamagotchi generation 2 shells: Yellow with Blue, and Colorful Characters. She was also meant to meant to appear on the canceled Teal with Pink shell.
  • On the box for the USA re-release of the Tamagotchi Generation 2. Mimitchi is colored lavender.
  • In My Tamagotchi Forever, her sprite in the album looks similar to her original one with the exception of having stick arms and is standing on both feet.