Mochatchi (モカっち) (otherwise known as Mocha) is a costume Tamagotchi that appears exclusively on the Tamagotchi Music Star. It is one of two costumes, the other being Spotchi.


Mochatchi resembles a cat with pink fur and a white muzzle.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Music Star

The "Mocha" costume can be purchased at the shop for 12,000 Gotchi Points. When a character puts this costume on, it will continue to wear it for the rest of the day with everything it does including eating, playing games, and performing concerts.

The costume can only be worn by adult stage characters and can only be used once. The costume cannot be taken off until the Tamagotchi goes to bed, and the next morning, the costume will be gone. The costume also disappears automatically when the Tamagotchi toy is reset and downloaded.

When accessing Music City, the costume would not take effect; users gained the appearance of Mocha, Spot, or Nazotchi using a widely-circulated special code.

Name Origin

The name comes from the English word "mocha", a type of coffee. The color "mocha" is a popular name for cats with dark brown fur.


  • Mochatchi is referred to as simply "Mocha" on the Music Star toy, but as "Mochatchi" on the Music City website.


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