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This article is about the TamaOtch character. You may be looking for the modern character whose English name is the same.

Mochimotchi (もちもっち) is a character that appears exclusively on the TamaOtch.


Mochimotchi's body resembles a mochi, which is a sticky rice cake filled with bean paste that originates from Japan. Mochimotchi has skinny, stick-like arms and legs, and black, oval shaped eyes.


According to a TamaOtch instruction booklet, Mochimotchi is stubborn and persistent.

On Virtual Pets


Mochimotchi can be obtained either at the Debut or Active stage. At the Debut stage, it is obtained from Ashitchi through playing the same training game repeatedly and not playing the other two training games enough, if at all. At the Active stage, it can be obtained from AsaDoratchi if all training games are played, but one of them is played more frequently than the others.

Mochimotchi sleeps from 9pm to 10am and its stage time is from 7:30pm to 8pm.

Name Origin

Mochi is a type of Japanese dessert, which is also the basis for the character.