Mofumofutchi (モフモフっち Mofumofutchi) is a male Tamagotchi character who debuted in episode 32 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!.


Mofumofutchi resembles a yellowish orange dog with two floppy ears, and a pale yellow muzzle. He has hair tufts on his forehead and, without his hat, has fluffy hair on top of his head as well. He has small furry tufts below his cheeks similar to Lovelitchi, except he has two on each side instead of three. His eyes are dark blue, slightly flat at the bottom, and have windmill-shaped highlights in them.

His attire consists of a dark brown garment covering his whole torso except for his feet and his arms, an open brown jacket with darker brown stripes on its sleeves and along the bottom, and a sky blue scarf. Often seen atop his head is another Tamagotchi, Takoballoontchi, who resembles a cap.

Young Mofumofutchi

Mofumofutchi's younger form is almost the same, except he wore a different outfit. The full-body suit was a lighter shade of brown, and he wore a sky blue sleeveless shirt. He also wore a green and red vest. Additionally, before he met Takoballoontchi, he never wore a hat.


Mofumofutchi appears to have an amiable and outgoing personality, and is able to befriend new Tamagotchis quickly. He and Lovesoratchi get along well because of their passion for the sky. He has a strong sense of adventure and determination, but his mind can sometimes wander. He cares about Takoballoontchi very much. Lovesoratchi greatly looks up to him.

In the Anime

Mofumofutchi was briefly seen at the end of episode 31 of GO-GO Tamagotchi, riding Takoballoontchi. However, he did not make a full debut until the following episode. He arrived in DoriTama Town in search of a new place to journey to, where he decided to visit the Gottsun Comet thanks to the guidance of Mametchi and others.

In the next episode, Mofumofutchi, to Space, Mofumofutchi leaves Takoballoontchi behind before leaving for Gottsun comet. He also gives Lovesoratchi his blue scarf to remember. Mofumofutchi says his final goodbye to Takoballoontchi, successfully arrives at Gottsun Comet, marking this his final anime appearance.

Name Origin

Mofumofu is Japanese onomatopoeia referring to the texture of being fluffy.




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