Mojamojatchi (もじゃもじゃっち Mojamojatchi) is an adult character that debuted on the TamagoChu. He also appeared on the 15th Anniversary Character Poll as a male adult candidate.


Mojamojatchi appears as a short, yellow man with wild hair completely surrounding his face, exposing only his eyes and mouth. He only appears to wear a pair of boxers with blue and white stripes.


Mojamojatchi is polite and well-mannered, which takes others by surprise due to his unkempt appearance.

On Virtual Pets


Mojamojatchi appears on the TamagoChu as an adult obtained from Young Androtchi. He evolves further into Ojitchi.

Name Origin

His name derives from the Japanese term "mojamoja", which means "shaggy", describing his unkempt hair.

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