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More iD! Tamagotchi Home Station Plus (もっとiD!おうちdeたまごっちステーションプラス Motto iD! Ouchi de Tamagotchi Sutēshon Purasu), also known as the Tamagotchi iD Station, Tamagotchi iD Home Station or Station+, is a Tamagotchi based off the Tamagotchi iD. It is very large, similar to a Deka Tamagotchi. It was released on the 30th of November, 2010 and it weights 168 grams. On eBay, the price of an iD Station normally ranges between $100 and $200 US, although some sites sell them for $80 US.

There are four important options on the More iD! Tamagotchi Home Station Plus, Create, Play, Connect and Download.


For what character does what job in what room, see Characters. With this option, the player can unlock and create their own downloadable items, food, accessories, rooms, photo backgrounds, photo taking dresses, movies and more.

There are 7 rooms in total.

When players make their own downloads, they have to first collect ingredients when playing games. The more they play, the more ingredients they get, and the more downloads they can make.

With the final room, the filming room. The player has to play a lot of games to receive plays; they can not be created. If one receives a play and sends it to their Tamagotchi iD, it well come up as a new travel location.


There are 3 games on the More iD! Tamagotchi Home Station Plus.

  • Bubble Blast, which involves making a stright lines of bubbles to get the Tamagotchis to the other side. Players can win new ingredients for making items, rooms, photo background and plays.
  • Timer, which involves stopping the stop watch at the right time. Players can win new ingredients.
  • Hat Factory, which involves colouring the hats in the color that Lovelitchi says to. Players can win new ingredients for making accessories, photo taking dresses and plays.


Connection between a ID Tamagotchi and a home station

There are three connection game options on the More iD! Tamagotchi Home Station Plus.

  1. Disco Dance, where the player tries to be the best and win 100 Gotchi Points.
  2. Drawing, where the player tries to draw Gotchi King with the Tamagotchi, but just hopes the other Tamagotchis that join in don't mess up the picture. Players can win accessories and rooms if they win.
  3. Cooking, where the Tamagotchi gets to cook in its own kitchen and make it own treats and meals. Sometimes the Tamagotchi isn't always a good chef. Players can win meals and sneaks if they win.

A list of Tamagotchis that have connected with More iD! Tamagotchi Home Station Plus, is also added.


There are 2 options for download on the More iD! Tamagotchi Home Station Plus.

Players can send their own made downloads, Uwasatchi's gossip letters or plays to your Tamagotchi iD. Or they could send already made downloads from http://tama-id.com/, that they have already sent to your More iD! Tamagotchi Home Station Plus by cellphone.


Uwasatchi's Gossip Letters

Sometimes or rarely after playing a few games, when going inside to the front main part of the atelier house. Uwasatchi may appear and give downloadable gossip letters on how to unlock downloadables or to make downloadables.

Free Ingredient Gifts!

Often when going outside, Melodytchi or Hapihapitchi may appear with a free ingredient for any room.


The characters that appeared on the More iD! Tamagotchi Home Station Plus, are the original Tama-Friends, also known as the original raisible characters on the Tamagotchi iD and Tamagotchi iD Lovely Melody Ver. Including Hapihapitchi, who isn't a rasible character on the Tamagotchi iD, but appears on the Tamagotchi.




  • In the background of each Creating room's window, there is a pink Eiffel Tower or Tokyo Tower seen in the distance.
  • Tamagotchi iD L can connect and play games with the More iD! Tamagotchi Home Station Plus. But can not download the downloadable movie/plays, photo backgrounds and photo taking dresses. But can download the rest of the downloadables.
  • When the More iD! Tamagotchi Home Station Plus connects to a Tamagotchi iD or Tamagotchi iD L, it appears as the female Tamagotchi Atelier (Workshop or house).
  • The Tamagotchi atelier house never appeared on the TV anime show, Tamagotchi!. The reason why is unknown.

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