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Moripakucoffret gogo artwork

GO-GO Tamagotchi! artwork of the MoriPakuCoffret Group

The MoriPakuCoffret Group (もりぱくコフレ団 Moripakukofure Dan) is a team in GO-GO Tamagotchi!. The group is comprised of three girls: Moriritchi, Candy Pakupaku, and Coffretchi.

The team was first formed in episode 5 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!, Formation! MoriPakuCoffret Group. The group dedicates themselves to fighting for justice in acts of good deeds and chivalry. Since then, the girls patrol their hometown looking out for trouble as well as having many fun adventures together. In one episode they break up after Moriritchi and Coffretchi fight, but at the end of the episode they rejoin and continue the group.

Theme Lyrics

Japanese Version English Translation
Moriritchi Mori, mori, mori mo-ri
Candy Pakupaku Paku, paku, paku pa-ku
Coffretchi Coff-fu-ret
All Da-da-da, dan!
Moriritchi Mori!
Candy Pakupaku Paku!
Coffretchi Coffuret!
All Dan!



MoriPakuCoffret Group March Tune

MoriPakuCoffret Group March Tune

The MoriPakuCoffret marching theme

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