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Russian: Моpиpичи

Mandarin (Taiwan): 美麗吉(台灣麥當勞翻譯)/茉莉莉吉

Cantonese (Hong Kong): 毛莉莉

September 21
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Moriritchi (もりりっち Moriritchi) is an adult female Tamagotchi character. She debuted in episode 71 of Tamagotchi! and became one of the main characters. Her first virtual pet appearance was on the Tamagotchi iD L. She has an older sister called Anemoriritchi, and they both own and run the Tamamori Shop on Tama Street together. She has an aunt called Mamametchi. She has the dad Lovepapalitchi she is the cousin of Lovepapalitchi and Mamametchi.

In the anime, she is voiced by Saito Chiwa.


She is very positive, bright, active and a very outgoing girl. Her known catchphrases are "Surprised Peach Tree" (驚き桃の木~ Odoroki momo no ki), "Thank you san" (ありがとうさん Arigatō-san) and "Choberigu!" (チョベリグ~!). If any one of her friends is feeling down, she uses her Tamamori to cheer them up. She is good friends with Melodytchi and Lovelitchi.

Moriritchi is the current Tamamori champion, beating out former Tamamori champion Giragiratchi.


Moriritchi's physical appearance mostly resembles a rabbit. She has starry eyes and she has pink marks on her cheeks. Her hair is very puffy and she has very long ears with fluffy balls on each tips. Uniquely, Moriritchi can tie up her ears into a fluffy cone shaped hair, which is her general appearance. When her ears are tied up, she still has the same puffy and fluffy hair on her head. Her tied up ears and hair are decorated with colored pearls and pink hearts. Moriritchi's apparel consists of a blue stockings, a sleeveless yellow dress and a blue bolero.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi iD L

Moriritchi is obtained from Painaputchi with 4 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Ver.

Moriritchi is obtained from Puddingtchi with 0-1 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi iD L Princess Spacy Ver.

Moriritchi is obtained from Sabosabotchi with 2-3 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi Nano Series 4

Moriritchi is obtained with average care.


Moriritchi first appeared in episode 71, where she moved in with her sister Anemoriritchi next door to that of Lovelitchi's. She made her first lead appearance in episode 72, where she quickly made friends with everyone, although Lovelitchi, as Lovelin when she accidently forgets to put on her orginal clothes and remove her make up, finds Moriritchi and her behavior strange, especially since she's a big fan of Lovelin, but becomes friends with her anyhow and shows them her house, which is also a shop.

In episode 76, she took her sister's place in a show against design champian Giragiratchi, making her extremely nervous. However, Lovelitchi, as Lovelin, helped her gain confidence, and they managed to win. In episode 82, she finds her prize picture camera Pashalin in her box of old stuff in memories. Upon her discovery, however, she finds out it doesn't work, so she goes to Mametchi's place to have him fix it. While waiting, the rest of the gang, who were at Mametchi's place as well, accidently knock her over, causing one of her scruntchi hearts to fall off and into a machine that Mametchi was going to use to fix Pashalin, which then activates, causing Pashalin to come to life, much to everyone's surprise. She was excited by this, thought Pashalin doesn't reconginzed her because she has her ears tighted, until Moriritchi tells about their times together, and Pashalin happily reunites with her owner, thought Anemoriritchi didn't it because she holds photoes of her embarrasing times. In episode 86-87, Moriritchi and her friends travel to where Pashalin was orginally created and owned, and although they happily reunited, Pashalin chooses to Moriritchi.

In episode 95, Moririrtchi has a secret crush and understands love. She also join the girls into finding Meloditchi's secret lover. They all thought it was Mametchi, until it reviels that the letters for Meloditchi were from Lovelitchi. Once Lovelitchi and Meloditchi got their new clothes, Moriritchi gave them hearts on Lovelitchi's head and Meloditchi's hat.

In episode 118, she and Anemoriritchi get into a heated argument where she discovers something from her sister while she was in her room, making her leave her own shop and house. How, her friends and Pashalin remind her that they still need each other and the two make up their fighting and return to help each other.

Moriritchi was one of the few main characters to affected by the egg curse, until episode 143, where her egg curse lasted only up to the end of the episode.

Along with the rest of the original cast, Morirtchi only made one appearance in Yume Kira Dream, where she and the others welcomed Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kutchipatchi home, as they moved to Dream Town. She did not make an appearance in Miracle Friends. However, she return in GO-GO Tamagotchi, where her home and shop fused together Kiraritchi's home and shop and two worked together from now. She also becomes friends with Coffretchi and Candy Paku Paku.

Name Origin

Morimori (もりもり) is a Japanese onomatopoeia, used when someone is full of zest. The sound is also used to show someone rising powerfully, which explains why Moriritchi has such a tall hairstyle, as a Japanese pun.

Other Forms

Young Moriritchi

Young Moriritchi (やんぐもりりっち Yangu Moriritchi) is Moriritchi when she was 8 - 10 years younger. She has only appeared on the TV anime show, Tamagotchi! twice. She adds the word deshu (でしゅ) to the ends of sentences.


Mamamoriritchi (ままもりりっち Mamamoriritchi) is Moriritchi's Mom. She Has Appeared on A Don Bluth film Label "Tamagotchi no Fureai Furendo Chamametchi" of the TV anime show, Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream to Copy the TV anime show, Tamagotchi! twice.


Papamoriritchi (ぱぱもりりっち Papamoriritchi) is Moriritchi's Dad. He Has Appeared on A Don Bluth film Label "Tamagotchi no Fureai Furendo Chamametchi" of the TV anime show, Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream to Copy the TV anime show, Tamagotchi! twice.


  • The word Choberigu! (チョベリグ~!) comes from a late 90's Japanese buzzwords TV show. The name of the show is called Choberiba (チョベリバ), meaning very very bad ("cho-veri-ba"). Choberigu is the opposite, meaning very very good.
  • The word shite chonmage (~してちょんまげ Shite Chonmage) uses when Moriritchi asks him or her to something to do.


Moriritchi's House of Moriri Family

Moriritchi's House of Moriri Family (モリリッチ家のモリリ家 Moriritchi-ka no moriri-ka) is a BGM It Debuted in The Anime, Tamagotchi no Fureai Furendo Chamametchi a Don Bluth film Label of Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream Episode 1.


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