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Morutchi (モルっち) is a female teen-stage Tamagotchi character that debuted on the Mesutchi and later appeared on the Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Version. Her male counterpart is Moritchi.


Morutchi is mostly black with a yellow face and arms. She has small black eyes, small black ears, and a small smile, and is always shown with pink flowers floating above her head. Morutchi also appears to have red heart shaped hair clips or ears on the sides of her head, which were later changed to be purple and wing-like in her 15th Anniversary Version sprite.


Morutchi is inspired by many things that are strong and she often sees ghosts. Her specialty is fortune-telling, though wonders if fortune-telling is useful for knowing the whereabouts of love.

On Virtual Pets


Morutchi is a TMP2 teen that evolves from Puchitchi from average care or better, and rarely can evolve from Mizutamatchi from below average care. Morutchi evolves into Mimikotchi from average care or better, though can regress into a TMP1 adult with sufficient neglect. She sleeps from 9 PM to 9 AM, and her base weight is 20g.

Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Version

Morutchi evolves from Kusatchi with 0-1 care misses or UFOtchi with 0-3 care misses. Morutchi can evolve into Lovelitchi with 0-1 care misses, Himetchi with 2-3 care misses, Antoinetchi with 4 care misses, Violetchi with 5 care misses, or Madonnatchi with 6 or more care misses.

Name Origin

Moru means "mole", which is most likely what her appearance is based upon.


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