Mother's Day for Lovelitchi (ラブリっちの母の日 Raburitchi no haha no hi) is part two of episode 30 of the Tamagotchi! anime. It first aired on the 10th of May, 2010. It was later rebroadcast as the 6th Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishuu GO episode on the 7th of May, 2015.

TV Tokyo synopsis

Lovelitchi will travel with Lovemamalitchi on Mother's Day. Lovelitchi had prepared special surprises for the trip... (Source)


Lovelin is at TAMAX-TV, having just finished some of her work. She seems tired, and Manenetchi is worried for her. Lovelin says that she is fine and that she will work hard tomorrow, but Manenetchi points out that the next day is Mother's Day. Lovelin panics, having almost completely forgotten, and Telelin is baffled because she doesn't understand what Mother's Day is. Lovelin gets to have the special day off.

The scene changes to the next day, with Lovelitchi, Telelin, and Lovemamalitchi. Lovelitchi apparently has a lot planned for the day. Telelin is excited to be on the train, but Lovelitchi manages to settle her down. Lovemamalitchi wonders why Lovelitchi isn't working, and Lovelitchi tells a lie about TamaPtchi changing plans at TAMAX-TV. Telelin starts to say it's because of Mother's Day, but Lovelitchi quickly covers her mouth and runs to the back of the train, leaving Lovemamalitchi confused.

At the back of the train, Lovelitchi reminds Telelin that she wants the fun she has planned for her mother to be a secret, and Telelin understands. As they talk to each other, Lovemamalitchi walks up and asks what's going on, startling them both. Lovelitchi says that it's nothing.

The three of them are then shown doing various activities in their destination town, such as relaxing in a hot spring, window shopping, and getting their photos taken. As they walk along the street, Lovemamalitchi comments that it's a really nice place. Lovelitchi says that there will be even more fun stuff to come, but that it's a secret.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the place Lovelitchi had in mind, a spa, is closed. Lovelitchi is disappointed at first, but she grabs her mother's hand and leads her away, happily promising to get them some ice cream to make up for it. The line at the Soft Cream place is very long. As they are waiting, Telelin runs off to check how things are going and Lovemamalitchi comments that Telelin is full of energy, just like Lovelitchi was when she was little.

Eventually, there is only one more customer to serve before Lovelitchi and her mom. However, the ice cream machine seems to have stopped working. The shop keeper explains that they're all out of cream and apologizes. Everyone is dismayed. Lovelitchi is especially distraught, but she reminds herself to be optimistic and tells her mother that she has something even more amazing planned. Telelin understands what Lovelitchi means, and spills the beans that they will got on a hot air balloon ride. Telelin immediately covers her mouth, but it is too late. Lovemamalitchi is delighted, although Lovelitchi is a little bothered that it's not a secret anymore.

When they arrive at the hot air balloon place, it is closed at well. Lovelitchi is very upset. Lovemamalitchi tries to reassure her but Lovelitchi shouts that it's not okay because she wanted to have a special day with her as a Mother's Day present, to make up for all the time she is away from home during her life as Lovelin. She cries and apologizes, and Lovemamalitchi doesn't know how to cheer her up.

Later, as the sun is setting, Lovelitchi and Lovemamalitchi are on the train home while Telelin is sleeping. Lovelitchi is sadly looking out the window. Lovemamalitchi looks out the window as well and seems to recognize a certain place, suggesting that they get off there.

The place turns out to be a playground. Lovemamalitchi says that it's the place they used to go when Lovelitchi was young. Lovemamalitchi asks Lovelitchi to get on the swings, and although she is hesitant at first, Lovelitchi sits on the swing as her mother gently pushes her. Lovemamalitchi says that they are the "magic swings", and Lovelitchi is puzzled. Lovemamalitchi reminds Lovelitchi that when she was little, she would always feel happy on the swings and that is why she called them "magic".

In a flashback, Lovelitchi remembers her younger self playing on the various things in the playground. She then remembers running along and falling over. Lovemamalitchi hurries over to make sure she is okay, and Lovelitchi bursts into tears. Lovemamalitchi comforts her and asks if she would like to go on the swings, and young Lovelitchi stops sobbing. As Lovemamalitchi is pushing her on the swing, she tells her daughter that she loves her, and Lovelitchi enthusiastically says that she loves her too.

As the flashback ends, Lovemamalitchi says that coming to the playground was the best Mother's Day present, making Lovelitchi delighted. Lovemamalitchi remarks that they really are magic swings, and Lovelitchi agrees as she gives her mother a hug.




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