Ms. Musicatchi (ムジカっち先生 Mujikatchi Sensei) is a female teacher at Dream School. She debuted in the anime Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream. She appears as a non-raisable character on the Tamagotchi P's, the Tamagotchi 4U, and the Tamagotchi 4U+.

She is voiced by Chika Fujimura.


Ms. Musicatchi is a tall Tamagotchi. Her skin is white with a tiny hint of yellow. Her eyes are black with no visible shine spots and she has Gotchi-style mouth with a prominent curve at the corner of her smile. Her hair is long and yellow which hangs on the back of her head, and it resembles musical bars or the string hammers found inside a piano.

For her apparel, she wears a deep fuchsia sleeveless dress with gray stockings and a white bow with a little pink hue on her chest. She wears a hat that resembles the shape of a grand piano with a double beam note mark on it.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi P's

Ms. Musicatchi appears at the park.

In the Anime

She is the teacher of the music class at Dream School, which consists of Tacttchi, Waltztchi, and Harptchi. She loves music instruments, especially the piano. She is good friends with Ms. Modetchi. Mr. Comb-bowie has a crush on her, but she is oblivious to this for a while

In episode 43 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!, Mr. Comb-bowie finally confesses his feelings to her, but she doesn't feel the same way and instead wants to be Tama-Friends.

Name Origin

Ms. Musicatchi's name comes from the English word musical. In Japanese, the spelling for musical is actually ミュージカル myuujikaru, but it was simplified for the character's name.


  • The piano in Ms. Musicatchi's house faintly says "Tamaha" on the side. This may be a reference to the Japanese piano manufacturer, Yamaha.


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