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Ms. Perfect's Birthday! (ごりっぱ先生のバースデー! Gorippa Sensei no Bāsudē!) is episode 11 of the series Let's Go! Tamagotchi.





With Ms. Perfect's birthday coming up, Mametchi gathers his classmates together at the TamaDepa to find the right birthday present. Chamametchi tags along as well, despite her brother insisting that she stay at home. Once inside, everyone splits up and starts looking around for gift ideas.

After much exploring, everyone meets up again to discuss their ideas (except for Gozarutchi, who decided to take a nap in the bed department). Flowertchi suggests getting Ms. Perfect some flowers, while Memetchi and Kuromametchi want to get her some sporting goods. Other suggestions include an electric guitar by Togetchi and his band members, doughnuts and pastries by Kuchipatchi, a new vaccuum cleaner by Maidtchi and designer goods by Makiko (although she seems more interested in purchasing some for herself). Everyone starts talking over each other, then Mametchi asks them to quiet down, and reminds them of a very important thing: their budget. Realizing they don't have enough money to buy any of those things, the students become downcast. But then Chamametchi jumps, and says she knows of a present that won't cost a thing, which gets everyone's attention.

On the day of Ms. Perfect's birthday, the class present her with a large drawing of her. Ms. Perfect is deeply touched, and everyone is happy it worked.

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