Music cafe

Anime version of Music Cafe.

Music Cafe (ミュージックカフェ Myūjikku Kafē) is a location in Dream Town first introduced in the anime, Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream. It is owned and run by Cafe Mama and her daughter Pianitchi, and specializes in tea, coffee and cake.


The cafe is out at sea, being connected to Dream Town by a dock. It's decorated in a music theme and serves treats that are music themed as well. The first floor includes the general dining area, as well as an outdoor dining area and a jukebox. The second floor is the living area, and the two floors are connected with an elevator. The ground floor elevator is accessed through a wooden door, while the second floor elevator has modern sliding doors.

The appearance of Music Cafe does not alter after Tamagottsun created DoriTama Town, though in its new location, Celebria can be seen from the dock. Oyajitchi frequently passes by the cafe with his cart.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi P's

On the Tamagotchi P's, Music Cafe is the third option on the food menu. The user may visit starting from the teen stage. Food purchased here is eaten at the Cafe instead of being added to the inventory.

Tamagotchi Friends

On the Tamagotchi Friends, Music Cafe serves as the "Snack" shop when using the Shop option. It offers 8 possible snacks, which change every few hours.

In Tamagotchi Media

In the Anime

Mametchi and his friends visit it for the first time in episode 3 of the anime when Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi are taking them on a tour of Dream Town. Afterwards, the characters meet at this cafe in many episodes, including major events. Patitchi helps as a part-time employee, and Charatchi is a frequent customer with his own customized tea-serving machine. In episode 21, Pianitchi came to live here with her mother. In the following after Ikaritchi left, Mametchi moved in with Cafe Mama becoming his new homestay parent for the rest series, as well as though the entire series of Miracle Friends. Mametchi moves back to his old home in GO-GO Tamagotchi!, after Dream Town and Tamagotchi Town merge into DoriTama Town.

Dream Town

In the online Dream Town game, Music Cafe is located at the Waterfront, next to the Fortune Teller's first kiosk. Its appearance is slightly different from the anime; the building exterior is smaller, and the connecting dock is wider but shorter. Inside, the main counter and jukebox are located against the back wall instead of the right, and the jukebox's face is yellow instead of violet.

It is open during the morning and day, and is unlocked by completing Pianitchi's first quest. The player can change the in-game music by clicking on the Jukebox, and can craft food with Cafe Mama (and later on, the Tea Robot).


Music Cafe is available as a Japanese playset. It is a modular build, with five pieces of the building sold separately, each packaged with a different character and props. Once all five parts are collected, the building can be assembled. Additionally, there is a Tama Keshi set that doubles as a stationary holder, and includes Mametchi, Kiraritchi, and Yumemitchi figures.

In North America, Music Cafe is available as the Dream Town Music Café Playset. It is a larger set that includes several smaller props, a rocking swing, and an exclusive Pianitchi figure.


  • Music Cafe does not have any visible face, making it one of the few non-sentient buildings on the Tamagotchi Planet.