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My Tamagotchi Forever is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Paladin Studios and is set onto the Play Store and the App Store, it appears like this, "Bandai Namco Enterainment Europe". The game was announced on November 23rd, 2017, on Tamagotchi's 21st anniversary, and was officially released to the public on March 15, 2018.


The game will allow the player to raise a Tamagotchi along with exploring Tamagotchi Town. The player can earn coins and level up through playing minigames, and share memorable moments with friends through the app. The player can also unlock food and costumes for their Tamagotchi, as well as buy decorations for Tamagotchi Town. As adults, they have careers, such as having a certain game score, eating a certain type of food 10 times, and the outfit of which career for that Tamagotchi. When completed, a new egg will hatch. The lifespan goes on and on. By eating food, your Tamagotchi may grow of the food it wants when the Hunger box is low.


  • Match 3 - the player must connect up vials of different colored potions to reach the score goal each stage.
  • Planet Hop - Playing as Kuchipatchi in a space suit, the player must tap to launch him to the next planets, but gravitational forces may send you off track into space! Collect stars for points.
  • Band Practice - Similar to Piano Tiles, tap the notes as they appear and collect coins along the way.
  • Hide and Seek - (Removed sometime in later Spring)
  • Hoops - Shoot one of the 3 basketballs into the hoop. As the player progresses it gets more difficult. When the player runs out of balls it's overtime and the player has an infinite amount of basketballs before the timer on the hoop runs out.
  • Doodle Pairs - You have to find matching items within a time limit, you have 3 chances at missing before the game is over.
  • Layer Cake - Stack cakes on top of each other, with each new layer being smaller than the last.

Character Contest

The announcement of the game included the announcement of a contest for those who register for a game account early. The randomly-selected winner will have a Tamagotchi character created that's inspired by them. Entries for the contest closed on January 10th, 2018. (ended)


Unlike other Tamagotchi consoles, this app's evolution is not based on how well you care the Tamagotchi, but what food you give to Tamagotchi. Baby stages have an equal chance of that character appearing. Toddlers evolve from Babies after 4 hours, Teens evolve from Toddlers 36 hours after that, and Adults evolve from Teens after about 3 days. Tamagotchis also do not pass away, or return to Tamagotchi Planet, but instead grow and take on careers no matter how well cared for they are.



  • Hoshitchi (obtained by feeding nothing/fruit/snacks in previous stage)
  • Meganetchi (obtained by feeding veggies in previous stage)
  • Mizutamatchi (added in August 2018, obtained by feeding seafood in previous stage)
  • Puchitchi (added in August 2018, obtained by feeding sweets in previous stage)
  • Mohitamatchi (added in December 2018, obtained by feeding meat in previous stage)


  • Nikatchi (obtained by feeding mostly fruits in previous stage)
  • Hinatchi (obtained by feeding veggies in previous stage)
  • Soyofuwatchi (blue) (obtained by feeding meats in previous stage)
  • Mokokotchi (pink) (obtained by feeding snacks in previous stage)
  • Eriitchi (added in July 2018, obtained by feeding sweets in previous stage)
  • Haretchi (added in July 2018, obtained by feeding seafood in previous stage)
  • Ebatchi (added in October 2018, obtained by feeding meat/snacks in previous stage)


  • Mametchi (obtained by feeding meat/seafood in previous stage)
  • Kuchipatchi (obtained by feeding junk foods such as chocolate, cookies)
  • Kuromametchi (obtained by feeding meat/fruits in previous stage)
  • Gozarutchi (secret character: obtained by feeding seafood/veggies in previous stage, by keeping energy in the green, and when the Training Course is placed in TamaTown)
  • Lovelitchi (obtained by feeding sweets/meat in previous stage)
  • Memetchi (obtained by feeding snacks/fruit in previous stage)
  • Chamametchi (obtained by feeding seafood/fruit in previous stage)
  • Sebiretchi (obtained by feeding fruits/snacks in previous stage)
  • Neliatchi (contest winner, added in late August 2018, obtained by feeding snacks/veggies in previous stage)
  • Kikitchi (added in late September 2018, obtained by feeding fruits/veggies in previous stage, currently uses a female adult's voice by mistake)


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