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My Tamagotchi Forever, known simply as My Tamagotchi (マイたまごっち) in Japan, is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Paladin Studios. The game was announced on November 23rd, 2017, on Tamagotchi's 21st anniversary, and was officially released worldwide on March 15, 2018. On November 23, 2021, the app was made available to Japan as part of Tamagotchi's 25th anniversary.


The game will allow the player to raise a Tamagotchi along with exploring Tamagotchi Town. The player can earn Gotchi Points and level up through playing minigames, and share memorable moments with friends through the app. The player can also unlock food and costumes for their Tamagotchi, as well as buy decorations for Tamagotchi Town. As adults, they have careers, which require things such as reaching a certain score in a game, eating a certain type of food 10 to 15 times, and acquiring the outfit associated with that career. When completed, a new egg will hatch.


  • Match 3: The player must connect up vials of different colored potions. Unlike in Bejeweled or other clones like Candy Crush, there is no such thing as an illegal move, however, levels must be cleared within a limited number of moves. Features Mametchi.
  • Planet Hop: Playing as Kuchipatchi in a space suit, the player must tap to launch him to the next planets while avoiding suns and blackholes, but gravitational forces may send him off track into space. Collect stars for points.
  • Band Practice: Similar to Piano Tiles, tap the notes as they appear and collect coins along the way. Features Memetchi.
  • Hide and Seek (Only for Apple ARKit and Google ARCore supported devices): Place a miniature version of Tamatown on your floor, then walk through it to find the hiding characters within the time limit.
  • Hoops: Shoot one of the 3 basketballs into the hoop. As the player progresses, it gets more difficult. When the player runs out of balls, the screen will show the word "OVERTIME!" and the player has an infinite amount of basketballs before the timer on the hoop runs out. Features Kuromametchi.
  • Doodle Pairs: You have to find matching items within a time limit. You have 3 chances at missing before the game is over. Features Chamametchi.
  • Layer Cake: Stack cakes on top of each other. Placing a layer imperfectly makes the next one smaller. Features Neliatchi.
  • 2048: Based on the open-source Threes clone of the same name. Slide matching numbered blocks together to form larger numbers, culminating with one block having the number 2048. The game is over if no more moves are possible. Features Violetchi.
  • Scoop Tower: Move an ice cream cone to stack ice cream while avoiding vegetables. Features Orenetchi.
  • Bridge Builder: Tap and hold to extend the measuring tape, release to create bridges between book stacks. Features Mimitchi.
  • Witchcraft: Copy the sounds and lights of potions, similar to Simon. Features Sebiretchi.
  • Fruit Slice; Clone of Fruit Ninja. Cutting multiple fruits in a single swipe gives you more points. Missing a fruit or cutting a spicy pepper makes you lose a heart, while cutting an ice cube will slow down time for a while. Features Puchitchi.
  • Bouncy Balls: Inspired by Breakout, but you manually aim the balls instead of reflecting them back with a paddle, similar to the Nintendo DSiWare game Reflect Missle/Trajectile. Features Meganetchi.

Character Contest

Announced along with the game, the Character Contest took entries from November 23rd, 2017 until January 10th, 2018. Players entered the contest by registering for a game account early, and the winner was randomly selected afterword. The winning entry had a character designed after them, Neliatchi, who was added in the August 2018 patch.


For full list, please see My Tamagotchi Forever Outfits

In-app purchases


  • Welcome Pack ($4.99 in the US and €4,49 in Europe) - Disables random ad pop-ups. Includes the Coin Doubler, Diamonds, and certain items, if purchased within 7 days of installing the game.
  • Coin Doubler ($2.99 in the US and €2,29 in Europe) - Doubles all coins received.


  • Diamonds (between $1.99 and $99.99 in the US and between €2,29 and €109,99 in Europe) - Used for purchasing certain foods, skipping the night without watching an ad, and cheating in minigames without watching an ad.
  • Tama Club ($4.99 per month in the US and €4,99 per month in Europe) - A subscription that includes a special house, skipping the night without watching an ad or spending Diamonds, cheating in minigames without watching an ad or spending Diamonds, and Coin Doubler.



  • Despite featuring hunger, happiness, and hygiene meters, Tamagotchi's cannot die and do not run away in this game, even if they aren't cared for at all.
    • The energy meter (which is part of the app’s business model) actually encourages you to neglect your Tamagotchi. Energy depletes as long as your Tamagotchi is not in bed, so keeping them in bed - even while starved, bored, and dirty - conserves energy.
  • While Paladin Studios is a Dutch company, the game is originally written in English. The Dutch translation of the game is done by a different company and is of low quality. No translator is credited for any language.
  • Instead of turning the light off at night, here, turning it off lets your Tamagotchi sleep, while turning it on wakes them up. Regardless of this, the notification says "Hey, I'm awake. Turn on the light!".
  • This is the first game to feature background characters as playable characters (i.e., Ebatchi and Murachakitchi).

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