My Town (じぶんのタウン Jibun no Town) is a location on the Tamagotchi Planet that is featured on the Tamagotchi m!x and Tamagotchi On.


My Town's exact location on the Tamagotchi Planet is unknown. However, many major locations, such as Tamagotchi Town, require rail travel to reach. The Tama Resort is accessible from here by boat.

The town features several houses, including one that the current user's Tamagotchi will live in, as well as a secondary house where the Tamagotchi's parents reside after moving out. There is a Tamagotchi Department Store that's connected to a Game Center, a park, a restaurant, and a daycare center. On the Dream version of the Tamagotchi m!x, the Music Cafe is also located here.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi m!x

My Town is the primary location of the m!x, and from its menu, the user can access the store, games, park, and daycare. The restaurant is accessed from the food menu.

Items obtained from other towns can cause the theme of My Town to change. For example, using items from Flower Hills frequently will give the park and architecture of My Town a floral theme. This directly impacts adult evolution during the first generation, and may influence the genetics of My Tamas from the second generation onward.

Tamagotchi On

My Town's role is reduced; the daycare service is now at the Tama Resort Hotel, and the town's theme can no longer be changed. Its icon still features the shop, games, and park, and the food menu features the restaurant.


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