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Mystery. Miracle. Time Slip!? (ふしぎ. みらくる. タイムスリップ!? Fushigi. Mirakuru. Taimusurippu!?) is episode 193 of the Tamagotchi! anime line, and is the debut episode of Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends. It introduces several new characters including the main characters, Miraitchi and Clulutchi. It aired on September 5, 2013, a week after the final episode of Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream.

Plot summary

Miraitchi and Clulutchi are showing off their Pocket Designers to a friend (whom they call "Candy Pakupaku"). Candy Pakupaku asks if she can try on the fashion Miraitchi and Clulutchi created. The twins agree and a capsule appears in the middle of the room. The outfit Miraitchi and Clulutchi designed appears inside the capsule, and Candy Pakupaku is then shown wearing it.

The sound of police sirens makes the three girls rush to the window and look outside. It is night, and they are in a very futuristic word. There are hovering police vehicles, "patrol ships", searching all over Dream Town and the twins wonder who they are looking for.

Meanwhile, in the present, Mametchi and his friends Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Pianitchi, and Coffretchi are seen doing their homework at Music Cafe. Cafe Mama arrives and sets a plate full of macaroon cookies on the table. The friends enjoy the treats and comment on how delicious they are.

Back in the future, Doctor Future is working at Dream Center Research Facility when he gets a warning message from Watchlin. He checks Dream Center's premises using the security cameras and he sees a mysterious figure lurking about. The figure opens a door and eight creatures, the Dreambakutchis, fly out in panic.

Doctor Future sends a message to Miraitchi and Clulutchi saying that he has an urgent mission for them.

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