Namahagetchi (なまはげっち Namahagetchi) is a male Tamagotchi character. He first appeared on the Keitai Katsuu Deka Tamagotchi as a salesperson in 2004, and was later released on the Tamagotchi Meets station in Hokkaido during Winter 2018.


Namahagetchi has a similar body and mouth shape to Kuchipatchi, except he is red with pink cheeks and angry-looking eyes. He also has two horns, dark tangled hair, a straw cape, and brown shoes.

Name Origin

Namehage is a demonic or ogre-like creature from Japanese folklore, which people dress up as during certain festivals and is often used to teach children to behave. Namahagetchi possesses a lot of physical traits found on namehage costumes.

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