Nemutchi (ねむっち Nemutchi) is a male adult-stage Tamagotchi character that debuted on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5.


Nemutchi is light purple with half-lidded eyes. He wears a floppy red nightcap with a yellow star on the front, and a tiny white ball at the end.


Nemutchi sleeps more than almost any other Tamagotchi character. He is lazy and can never seem to get things done. Even when something surprising happens, he is too sleepy to do anything about it. The only thing that can properly wake him up is hot tea, which is why HotTeatchi is the perfect match for him.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Version 5

Nemutchi is the average-bonding adult of the "Easy-Going Family". To obtain him, the player must get a male Futabatchi. Futabatchi will evolve into Mattaritchi, and Mattaritchi will evolve into Korokotchi. To make Korokotchi evolve into Nemutchi, the Bonding Level of the family must be average (between 40% and 70%) when he evolves. When Nemutchi gets married to HotTeatchi, the player will get the "Easy-Going Family", and Nemutchi will evolve into Papapatchi.

Tamagotchi Plus Color

Nemutchi is a bad care character. He is obtained on even generations by giving four or more care misses to Kikitchi.

In the Anime


Nemutchi is a minor character. He is often seen sleeping, and he sometimes falls asleep before finishing sentences. He is a student at Tamagotchi School. In The Great Chocolate Scramble!, he was Kuromametchi's partner when they were trying to find chocolate, and he ended up slowing them both down. In Cool! Lovelin on Ice, he was Lovelin's ice skating partner, and he seemed to be quite skilled at ice skating. 

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Nemutchi is a student at DoriTama School, and he is on the school's soccer team, known as the DoriTama Eleven. In episode 12, he and the other DoriTama Eleven students compete against Motetchi's team.

Name Origin

Nemutchi is coined from the Japanese word "nemui" (眠い) which means sleepy, hence explains his sleepy features (bedtime hat, lazy eyes and such).


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