North North Point in the anime show, Tamagotchi!

North North Point (のーすのーすぽいんと Nosu nosu pointo) is small village found at the top of Tamagotchi Planet, far from Tamagotchi Town. North North Point is similar the North Pole on Earth. It is the hometown of Nonopotchi, Sunopotchi and Yukipatchi. It was featured in an episode of the Tamagotchi! anime.


Some Tamagotchis from other parts of Tamagotchi Planet live here as well, such as Monkeytchi, who typically lives in Patchi Forest. Some Tamagotchis have different colorations than normal, for example, Beartchi is white instead of black. Many Deertchi live in this area, and the most commonly seen Tamagotchis are penguin-like, such as Nonopotchi.

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