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Obaketchi (おばけっち Obaketchi) is a spirit Tamagotchi character, and the ultimate symbol of Tamagotchi Death. It appears on all vintage and modern Japanese models that feature death, and has never appeared on any non-Japanese model until the 20th Anniversay Tamagotchi Mini. From the Tamagotchi iD to the Tamagotchi 4U+, only the Child and Teen stage characters can become Obaketchi, while adult characters run away if severely neglected.

On the Japanese edition of the Tamagotchi Angel, it acts as the Egg Stage, and evolves into Ghost Jr. In Anime TV de Hakken!! Tamagotchi, this is shown as angels escorting the Obaketchi from the body to the heavens, where it passes through a gate and transforms.


Obaketchi appears as a black ghost, with white eyes and mouth and a triangular headpiece on their forehead. They appear with a gravestone with a cross on the far right. From the Tamagotchi Plus Color onward, it instead shows a shrine inside the Tamagotchi's house.

In the Osutchi and Mesutchi, the Obaketchi have arms (with the Mesutchi also having pigtails) and could only be seen near the Tamagotchi's gravestone from 6pm to 6am. During 6am to 6pm, a cemetery is on the screen, with the user's Tamagotchi's gravestone is on the far right.

On the Mori de Hakken! Tamagotch, the grave is only a cross, and there is a quadrupedal Obaketchi lookalike on the left side of the screen, near a small gravestone made from a small clump of grass with a cross made of sticks due to the Forest Tamagotchi apparently being very small. On the Japanese Ocean, the Obaketchi lookalike has a round head and a seaweed like body, next to a lopsided gravestone made of sand with a cross made of wood.

On 64 de Hakken! Tamagotchi Minna de Tamagotchi World, Obaketchi's color is dependent on the player character's color, though it shows up as blue in the guidebook. If any player misses the chance to heal their sick Tamagotchi after 4-5 turns (indicated by the size of the skull icon growing), the Tamagotchi will die, turn into Obaketchi and be eliminated from the rest of the game.

Obaketchi's first international appearance was on the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini, which retains the Japanese version's death screen.


A subspecies of Obaketchi has been raisable in the SNES game Tamagotchi Town. It is called HagureObaketchi. It resembles a yellow Obaketchi with arms and eyes similar to those of Mametchi's eyes. HagureObaketchi is a wandering spirit Tamagotchi obtained when the pollution in a Grassland, Mountain or Ocean block reaches around 35. He has no stats whatsoever, and will only dissappear if lured into another block searching for food, or rediculously high pollution levels like 70. Another wandering spirit Tamagotchi is WatariDoritchi, who generates in the Forest blocks with 35 pollution. Resembling a turkey wearing a straw hat, WatariDoritchi expesses nearly all of his emotions with his red guitar. WatariDoritchi will also leave the same way HagureObaketchi will, although more often than the latter when the chance arrives.

Obaketchi itself doesn't show up in the SNES game at all. When a Tamagotchi dies in the game, they blink like they are evolving, and simply disappear. If you are on the overworld and not in a particular block, a Tamagotchi's passing is represented by a cross mark. Tamagotchi only die from old age - too much stress or pollution prompts the Tamagotchi to run away.

Name origin

The name comes from the Japanese word Obake (お化け), which are a class of yōkai, preternatural creatures in Japanese folklore. Literally, the term means a thing that changes. Obake is often used as a synonym to yūrei, the ghost of a deceased person. In the case of Obaketchi's name, it takes on two meanings: that the Tamagotchi is deceased, and that the Tamagotchi is moving from a natural state to a supernatural one, in this case from a living creature to an angel (or devil).


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