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Octodogtchi (タコウィンナーっち Takowinnātchi) is a female Tamagotchi character who debuted in the Tamagotchi! anime. She made a brief background appearance in episode 2 but she didn't feature as a significant character until episode 17. While she has not appeared on any virtual pets, she was a candidate on the 15th Anniversary Character Poll for the iD L 15th Anniversary Version.


Octodogtchi resembles a Japanese octopus sausage (A hotdog cut up in the shape of a octopus.), which are normally found in a bento. She is a light brownish red with a red mouth. She has eight square-shaped legs.

Name Origin

Octodogtchi's name comes from her appearance, a Japanese octopus sausage. Tako means "octopus" and winnā is the Japanese pronunciation of "wiener".

Her English name comes from hotdog and octopus, replacing hot from hotdog with octo from octopus.


Octodogtchi is a talented dancer and has performed at TAMAX-TV. However, she is very shy, and finds it hard to make new friends because she keeps running away from them. When she is shy or scared, she often steams up and goes bright red, like a hotdog. Her first Tama-Friend was Chamametchi.

Octodogtchi lives in a big dance studio made out of food, and she sometimes teaches her friends how to dance. She cannot dance without her special green skirt, which looks like a bento ornament.

She does well in school and chores.


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