Okazarutchi (おかザルっち) is an adult character that appears exclusively on the Tamagotchi Meets app.


Okazarutchi resembles a monkey with pink fur and a tan face. It wears a white suit with pink hearts and pink shoes, a white bow-tie with pink polka-dots, and has a pink tail in the shape of a heart. Its ears have the shape of the number nine within them, and its right ear has three dots at the bottom.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Meets

Okazarutchi was an event character available to marry on the Tamagotchi Meets app, from February 8th through March 3rd, 2019. While it doesn't have parents in the family portrait, it instead shows Yabetchi. While it is no longer available to marry, its genetics may still be inherited from other My Tamas that may possess them.

Name and Origin

Okazarutchi is based on comedian Takashi Okamura, who is one half of the comedy duo Ninety-nine. Its name "okazaru" means "funny monkey".

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