Okugatatchi (おくがたっち Okugatatchi) is a female Tamagotchi character. She is married to Kashiratchi and is the mother of Gozarutchi and Kunoitchi.


Okugatachi has a pink face and her costume is lavender and dress-shaped. She has a red bandanna around her neck and a white apron. She has the pointy ears and long tail of a cat, as well as whiskers. Unlike the rest of her family, her mouth shows when wearing her ninja costume.


Okugatchi is described as being very clumsy. She is actually an idol.

In Tamagotchi Media

On Tamagotchi Websites

She is seen at the poster shop at Forest Falls in Tamagotchi Music City, and runs a Corner Shop at the Tama & Earth EXPO.

Name Origin

Okugata is Japanese for "lady; nobleman's wife".


  • Unusually for a parent character, Okugatatchi's name doesn't contain 'mama'.


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