Onsenmoguratchi (温泉モグラっち) is a mole-like Tamagotchi that lives in Patchi Forest. Kuchipatchi has an Onsenmoguratchi for a Tama Pet. Onsenmoguratchi appears as the Tama Pet of the Kuchipa Family on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5, and it is an adoptable Tama Pet on the Tamagotchi iD L/Princess Spacy version.


Onsenmoguratchis are small and black, and they carry red shovels. They have three hairs on their head (resembling steam lines) and round brown eyes. They have red noses which glow when they find a hot spring.


Onsenmoguratchis dig hot springs with their shovels. They spend much of their time underground, and do not see well in daylight. 

Name Origin

Onsen (温泉) means hot spring; Mogura (モグラ) means mole.


Onsenmoguratchi v5 sprite.png


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