Brother Otogitchi & Sister Otogitchi.

The Otogitchi (おとぎっち Otogitchi) siblings are Tamagotchi characters that first appeared in Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!. They also appear on Music City in the game Jump to the Music, in their flying ship.

They are also the owners of the Magical Flying Library Ship, from the second movie.

Both Otogitchi appeared on the 15th Anniversary Character Poll as adult candidates. While Brother Otogitchi received enough votes to earn a spot as a raisable character on the Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary ver, Sister Otogitchi did not.

Brother Otogitchi

Brother Otogitchi seen playing his horn on the Magical Flying Library Ship.

Anime version of Brother Otogitchi.

Brother Otogitchi (おとぎっち兄 Otogitchi Kei) is the top owner of the Magical Flying Library Ship. He is often seen playing his small Shofar horn, which he uses to call the children to his magical ship. He is sometimes seen with a magic crayon, which is used to write or fix up magical stories; however, in the movie, Sister Otogitchi is the one who uses it. Brother Otogitchi plays his horn while Sister Otogitchi holds the crayon, which creates a scene in the story.

Brother Otogitchi also appears as a raisable character on the Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Version.

Sister Otogitchi

Anime version of Sister Otogitchi.

Sister Otogitchi (おとぎっち妹 Otogitchi Imouto) is Brother Otogitchi's younger sister. She is very shy and often hides behind Brother Otogitchi when meeting new people. Most people often confuse her white pacifier as her beak.  She bears a resemblence to Little Red Riding Hood or Himespetchi.  She has Lovelitchi-like eyes that are sometimes depicted with blue irises.. She uses the magical crayon to help fix stories.

The only thing she can say is "kyu".

Name Origin

Otogi (おとぎ) means "fairytale". They are called this because of their fairytale-like appearances and the fact that they own a ship full of fairytales.


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