Oyajitchi Angel

(おやじてんし Oyajitenshi)

OyajitchiAngel tah

OyajitchiAngel USA

Oyajitchi Angel

Genders and Releases:
OyajitchiAngel sprite OyajitchiAngelSprite App1

Oyajitchi Angel (おやじてんし Oyajitenshi) is an adult Angel found on the Tamagotchi Angel.


Oyajitchi Angel resembles Oyajitchi with wings and a halo. His US artwork does not depict the halo. On the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Angel app, he can also be orange or pink.


Oyajitchi Angel is described as having trouble adapting to the Angel lifestyle, as he still craves his sake. Surrounded by the sweet treats in the Tenshitchi Capital, it treats the goodies like poison. But maybe he's just pretending not to fit in to retain his fatherly pride?

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Angel

It evolves from Takotchi Angel with poor care, and can evolve into Shogun Angel with perfect care. It sleeps at 11 PM and wakes at 10 AM. He is the worst care character in this release.

Name Origin

Oyaji means "one's father" or "old man". Tenshi means "angel".


  • Oyajitchi appears on English editions of the Tamagotchi Angel, even though the original Oyajitchi never appeared on any English Tamagotchi at that point.