Papakizatchi (ぱぱきざっち Papakizatchi) is a male parent character that debuted on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5. He is the father of Violetchi and Kizatchi, and the husband of Mamavioletchi.


Papakizatchi resembles a spring onion. He has light blue and blue cheek spots. He has green, leaf-like hair and oval-shaped eyes. His attire consists of a white hat with green leaves and a fancy white suit. He has the ability to make flowers appear, and he often holds a red flower in his official artwork.


Papakizatchi is very romantic and chivalrous. He is deeply in love with his wife, Mamavioletchi. His motto is always "Ladies first". Papakizatchi can speak French, and his everyday speech is peppered with French words.

He is rich and likes to spoil his daughter Violetchi, which usually annoys her because she doesn't want anything too fancy. He also praises her a lot and calls her his sweet princess, which can embarrass her at times.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5

Papakizatchi is obtained when a player creates the Violet Family. This occurs if the user raises a Violetchi, and after two days of the adult stage, it is sent a Sukatchi to marry while at 100% bonding. Violetchi evolves into Mamavioletchi, and Sukatchi evolves into PapaKizatchi. Like other Pure Family parents, Papakizatchi will be immune to all neglect evolutions.

Tamagotchi m!x

In all versions, Papakizatchi appears alongside Mamavioletchi in the family photo as the parents of Violetchi, whether the user raises one of their own or marries one.

Tamagotchi On

In all versions, Papakizatchi appears alongside Mamavioletchi in the family photo as the parents of Violetchi or Flower Fleur (Pastel ver.).

In the Anime

Papakizatchi appears in Tamagotchi! episode 76, part 2, planning a birthday party for Violetchi. He is seen giving his wife flowers and herbal tea at the beginning. He then takes Violetchi in a limousine to her birthday party at an extremely fancy restaurant with her friends, which mortifies them until Moriritchi finds a way to lighten the mood with her Tamamori.


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