Papapianitchi (パパピアニっち) is a male Parent Stage character that debuted in Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream. He is Pianitchi's father and husband of Cafe Mama. He lives in Melody Land.


Papapianitchi is off-white with flowing hair, large eyes, and a tall head with pointed ears and large eyebrows. He wears a white long-sleeve shirt, along with a blue tie with a yellow "P" on the front, and black pants.


Papapianitchi is passionately romantic, and popular with the women of Melody Land. He is an expert pianist, and also helps others learn how to sing. Pianitchi is often annoyed by his attitude, but loves him all the same.

In the Anime

Yume Kira Dream

Pianitchi had been living with him prior to returning to Dream Town. Later on, she takes Mametchi to visit him to see if he can find a cure for his tone deafness.

In episode 25, for Cafe Mama's birthday, Mametchi attempts to build a robot duplicate of him to keep her company. But the robot is a failure, and ends up destroying Charatchi's special coffee machine.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

In episode 22, Papapianitchi is supposed to pick up Pianitchi and Cafe Mama at the Melody Land airport, but fails to show up. They later find him at his apartment, finishing up a tutoring session. He and Cafe Mama spend their time at the castle, and later attend the concert performed by Pianitchi, Lovelitchi and Melodytchi.

Name Origin

His name is a combination of "papa" (as in father) and piani (ピアニ), short for the English word pianist (ピアニスト).


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