Paparighttchi (パパライトっち Paparaitotchi) is a male parent Tamagotchi. He is Righttchi's father and Mamarighttchi's husband. He first appeared in episode 25 of Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream.


Paparighttchi wears a bright blue suit with pockets and a vertical light blue stripe on the middle. He has pale blue skin, a cream-colored face, and oval-shaped eyes with blue irises. He wears a blue cap with a yellow light on top of it.


Paparighttchi is an inventor, and he has created many fantastic machines. He works at the Right Electrical Shop in Dream Town, which is also where he and his family live. When he gets an idea or figures something out, the light on his hat blinks. Many of the inventions he creates are for his wife, Mamarighttchi. Mametchi admires him.

In the Anime

Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream

In episode 25, Paparighttchi helps fix a robot that Mametchi accidently broke.

Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends

In episode 4, Mametchi invites Paparighttchi to the Miracle Shop since he might be able to fix Madamtchi's sewing machine.

Name Origin

Paparighttchi's name comes from papa and Righttchi, since he is Righttchi's father.


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