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I can't help noticing just how perfect you all look this morning!
– Ms. Perfect

Perfect in the Morning! Tamagotchi School (朝からごりっぱ!たまごっちスクール Asa Kara Gorippa! Tamagotchi Sukūru) is the first episode of the series Let's Go! Tamagotchi.



Mametchi sad Spoilers Below!

This section contains major plot-progressing story elements!

In Tamagotchi School, the students are doing various things before class begins. Yattatchi, Mimitchi, Ringotchi, and Ichigotchi are being told a story by Memetchi. Flowertchi is placing a beautiful vase of flowers on the teacher's desk. Togetchi, Tosakatchi, and Hinotamatchi are rocking out with their instruments in their band. Maidtchi is sweeping up around the classroom, ShimaShimatchi, Zukyutchi, and Kuchipatchi are playing basketball, and Mametchi is helping Young Mametchi with his math problems. Makiko walks into the class, and she and Memetchi give angry, jealous stares about each others curls. Kuromametchi walk in, but gives little emotion to the class's greeting. Suddenly, the clock ticks, and Mametchi realizes that they only have one minute left before class begins.

As Ms. Perfect exits the teacher's lounge, Mametchi bangs a cowbell to wake up Gozarutchi, who is sleeping under a blanket on the ceiling. Gozarutchi then falls into his chair and yawns. Meanwhile, Kuchipatchi tries to catch the basketball, but it bounces off his head and bangs into the teacher's desk, causing the vase of flowers to fall off. As Flowertchi screams, Mametchi rushes and saves the flowers before they hit the floor. He then uses Tosakatchi's microphone to warn everyone that class is about to start, and everyone rushes to their seats. Mametchi then helps Maidtchi finish cleaning and puts her broom and dustspan away in the supply closet. After waking Gozarutchi up again, Mametchi shoots the basketball through the hoop, where it lands perfectly beside the filing cabinet. Finally done, Mametchi takes his seat next to Memetchi.

Class begins a few seconds later, and Ms. Perfect enters the room. Seeing how "perfect" everyone looks, Ms. Perfect decides to give everyone a perfect A+ report.


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