(The camera shows a shot of Tamagotchi School. It then cuts to inside the classroom)

Memetchi: (Talking to Ichigotchi, Mimitchi, Yattatchi, and Ringotchi) You know what happened then? It all came crashing down and made such a huge mess!

Flowertchi: (Puts flowers on the teachers' desk) So pretty!

Tosakatchi: (Playing instruments with Togetchi and Hinotamatchi) Fireball a-rockin, yeah, yeah, yeah! Fireball a-rockin!

Maidtchi: (Sweeping up around the classroom) Sweepin' and a sweepin'! Sweepin' and a sweepin'! Sweepin' and a sweepin'! Sweepin' and a sweepin'!

(Kuchipatchi, Zukyutchi, and ShimaShimatchi are playing basketball. Zukyutchi shoots a basket, and scores)

Kuchipatchi: Nice shot-tchi!

Mametchi: (Helping Young Mametchi with math problems) And seven times twelve is?

Young Mametchi: (Writes down problem) It's eighty-four!

Mametchi: Yep, you got it right!

(The classroom door opens. Makiko is standing in the doorway)

Makiko: Why, hello everyone, good morning!

Class: Good morning!

Memetchi: Your curls look so lovely again today, Makiko!

Makiko: Yours too, Memetchi!

(Makiko and Memetchi's eyes meet, but their stares soon turn to hateful ones. The door opens again, and Kuromametchi is standing in the doorway)

Class: Good morning!

Kuromametchi: Yeah, yeah, morning. (yawns)

(The clock ticks, and Mametchi notices)

Mametchi: (gasps) One minute!

(We see Ms. Perfect leave the teacher's lounge. When we cut back to the classroom, we see Mametchi banging a paintbrush against a bell and looking upwards)

Mametchi: Time to wake up, Gozarutchi!

(A blanket peels away from the ceiling, revealing Gozarutchi sleeping beneath. He falls into his seat and yawns)

Kuchipatchi: Ya-tchi! (He tries to catch the basketball, but it bounces off his head) Ow!

(The ball bounces off the teacher's desk, knocking the vase of flowers off)

Flowertchi: AHHHH!

(Mametchi rushes to the desk and catches the vase of flowers before they break onto the floor. He then rushes over to where Tosakatchi, Togetchi, and Hinotamatchi are playing in their band)

Tosakatchi: Fireball a-rockin, yeah yea-

Mametchi: I need to borrow this. (Takes Tosakatchi's microphone) Class is about to begin in just a few seconds, everyone!

(The entire class rushes to their seats, except for Maidtchi and Mametchi)

Maidtchi: Oh no! I'm not done yet!

Mametchi: It's okay! (He takes her dustpan and broom and sweeps up the last bit of dust. He then hands them to the trash can in the supply closet) Here you go!

(Mametchi rushes to his desk. When he passes Gozarutchi, however, he notices that he has fallen asleep again, and he pokes him awake. He then notices the basketball lying in the middle of the floor, so he picks it up and shoots.)

Mametchi: Here goes! (He shoots the basketball through the hoop, where it bounces next to a file cabinet. The class awes, and Mametchi takes his seat next to Memetchi)

Memetchi: We made it!

Mametchi: (Laughs softly)

(The clock ticks one more minute, and Ms. Perfect enters the classroom)

Ms. Perfect: Well, good morning, class!

Class: Good morning to you, Ms. Perfect!

Ms. Perfect: (Sits at her desk) I can't help noticing just how perfect you all look this morning! Therefore...(She plucks the green leaf off the tip of her head and writes an A+ symbol on it)...I'm going to give each and every one of you a perfect and good report! (Her leaf grows back) Ha-ha!

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