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January 6
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Perotchi (ぺろっち) is an adult female character who debuted in the Tamagotchi! anime. She appears as a raisable character on the Tamagotchi iD L. She is the daughter of MamaKoppetchi.


Perotchi's appearance is based on a cupcake. She has light cream skin and pink eyes. The top of her head has three layers of frosting; light blue, pink, and white. There are also three berries on her head. The middle one is pink, and it has two smaller, purple berries on either side of it. The purple berry on the left side of her head has two light green leaves next to it. Perotchi wears a light pink suit with pink stripes. She also has red ribbon under her chin.


Perotchi is kind and friendly. She is usually cheerful, but she can get upset easily. One of her favorite hobbies is cooking.

In the Anime


Perotchi goes to Tamagotchi School. She is friends ChamametchiKikitchiHapihapitchi, and her Tama PetPuchiberitchi. Perotchi's mother, MamaKoppetchi, runs the Tama Bakery, and Perotchi aspires to be like her. She ends all of her sentences with "Pero".

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Perotchi is in DoriTama School's cooking class.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi iD L

Perotchi is an adult character and is obtained from Sabosabotchi with 0-1 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi iD L Princess Spacy Ver.

Perotchi is obtained from Sabosabotchi with 4 care mistakes.

Name Origin

"Pero pero" (ぺろぺろ) is a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of licking. It is often used when someone is licking a sweet food, such as a lollipop or ice cream. This might also references her cupcake-like style, which is a common sweet food.


  • In Tamagotchi Collection, Uwasatchi claims that the berries on Perotchi's head are actually umeboshi (pickled plums). But this is not a proven fact because Uwasatchi's rumors aren't always true.


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