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Melody Land
July 6
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Pianitchi (ピアニっち Pianitchi) is a female adult character that first appeared in episode 21 of the anime Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream and continued to appear in Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends. She also features in GO-GO Tamagotchi!.

She has appeared as a raisable character on the Melody Land ver. Tama Deco Pierce, and most recently on the Tamagotchi Friends.

She is voiced by Fumiko Orikasa in the anime.


Pianitchi is white with a curly lock of hair down each side of her head. She also has one curl on her forehead. She wears a pink dress with round sleeves, as well as a dark pink tie and purple stockings. She has a purple beret with the letter "P" on it, and without the beret, she has cat-like ears. Pianitchi's eyes are purple with sparkles and she has rosy pink cheeks.


Pianitchi is a friendly, outgoing girl who is full of ideas. She has an interest in music, especially the piano, and likes to perform for her friends and family. She adores both her mother and father and enjoys making those around her happy. In Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends, she seems to have a slight crush on Smartotchi, though this is never quite confirmed.

Other Forms

Young Pianitchi

Young Pianitchi (ヤングピアニっち Yangu Pianitchi) has became in Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream episode 21.

In the Anime

Pianitchi first appeared in episode 21 of Yume Kira Dream, where she first appeared playing her smapi. When she got off the boat and left for her home, she purposely left her case behind, making Mametchi bring it to her.

Pianitchi loves to play the piano on her smapi (スマートピアノパッド). She is very good at it and has been playing ever since she was little. Pianitchi originally lived in Melody Land with her father, to study music at a young age, but returned to Dream Town, and is currently living at Music Cafe with her mother, Cafe Mama. She is in the Music Class at Dream School and often performs her smapi live. She is the pianist and band leader in the Kirakira Girls band. In episode 25 of Yume Kira Dream, Pianitchi, Yumemitchi, Kiraritchi, Memetchi, and Himespetchi made a Happy Birthday version of Kirakira☆Dream for Cafe Mama. In episode 35, she performed with her band in contest, and although they nor their rivals won, they still had a good time and later, she and the whole gang wave goodbye to Himespetchi as she left for her home planet. In episode 36, she met Coffretchi, who moved after Himespetchi left, the new drummer.

In her debut episode, she is shown to have been very close with Ikaritchi when she was little. Her father is Papapianitchi, and she is good/best friends with Taikotchi and Coffretchi. In Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends, Pianitchi develops a close bond with Smartotchi.

Her two best friends in Dream Town are Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi, and in GO-GO Tamagotchi, she wanted to learn more about Mametchi's old friends, who reunited them after Dream Town and Tamagotchi fused together. She was introduced to them and she soon becomes friends with Melodytchi when they played professionally together. She also did several performances along side Lovelitchi/Lovelin. She also reunites with the whole band after Himespetchi, Yumemitchi, and Kiraritchi returned. In episode 45a, she and the band were inspired to performed again.


On the Tamagotchi P's, Pianitchi can be obtained on the Melody Land pierce by using the Smapi three times with any female teen.

On the Tamagotchi Friends, Pianitchi can be obtained by giving any female teen perfect care and feeding it at least 15 meals.

Name Origin

Piani (ピアニ) is short for the word pianist (ピアニスト), referencing to her use of her Smapi

On the other hand, "Piani" can also be a corruption of "Piano" (ピアノ) and "Pianissimo" (ピアニシモ), a kind of the force of music which is a contrast of "Forte" (フォルテ) and "Fortissimo" (フォルティッシモ).

Names in other languages

Region Name Meaning
Cantonese (Hong Kong) 小鋼琴 Little Piano


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