Pichipapatchi (ぴちぱぱっち Pichipapatchi) is a turtle-like Tamagotchi character that first appeared in Tamagotchi!, and who is Pichipitchi's father.

Unlike Pichipitchi who collects her own pearls from the sea, Pichipapatchi grows his own giant pearls in his shell.


Pichipapatchi is an oversized, giant orange sea turtle with an orange shell and yellow. He wears a light brown hat with two special pearls, green shorts, and has seaweed hair and eyebrows.


Like his daughter Pichipitchi, Pichipapatchi also has some abnormal personality traits. Whenever he is offended, neglected or ignored, he will bawl like a baby. Some Tamagotchis get annoyed at this because of his loud bawling and his gigantic tears falling on people.

Another problem between Pichipapatchi and Pichipitchi is that Pichipapatchi cannot take care of himself. His childlike mind makes him unable on how to care for himself or his daughter. Pichipitchi had to take the role of taking care of each other. Because of this, she is often telling him off about his inexperienced parenting, which can make Pichipapatchi sulk.

In Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi m!x

Pichipapatchi appears in any photos of Pichipitchi that contain her parents.

Name origin

His name is a combination of Papa and Pichipitchi's name, which means the sound of splashing.


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