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Pichipitchi (ぴちぴっち Pichipitchi) is an adult female Tamagotchi character that first appeared on on the Tamagotchi iD L, and later appeared in the anime Tamagotchi!.


Pichipitchi resembles a mermaid. She has two blue swirls in her hair, along with eight pearl encrusted scrunchies that tie up portions of her hair to form a ponytail and a right swept up fringe. She also wears a small pink dress with a yellow collar, and the colour of her fish tail is pink.


Pichipitchi is a special mermaid because she can walk and stay on land, but only for a few hours. If she spends too much time on land, she will faint and become weak. When walking on land, Pichipitchi often trips over because of her fish tail. If she goes out too long, her father Pichipapatchi will go looking for her.

In Tamagotchi!, Pichipitchi is depicted as practically scatterbrained. She tries her best to help others, but she always does it in silly ways, sometimes by mistake. For example, when Anemoriritchi needed help to add Tamamori to some food, Pichipitchi wanted to help. Moments later she came back with deep sea mushrooms in an attempt to help Anemoriritchi with her problem. Another problem that Pichipitchi has is that she doesn't know much about life on land. When she is told to get something found on land, she gets something totally different. For example, if she was told to go out and get a cupcake, she will come back with a motor.

Name Origin

Pichi pichi is a Japanese onomatopoeia word for the sound a fish's tail makes as it swims.