Pinkbotchi (ぴんくぼっち Pinkubotchi) is a female baby stage character who first appeared on the Tamagotchi P's in Japan. She was later released on the Tamagotchi Friends worldwide. Her male counterpart is Aokumotchi.


Pinkbotchi's body is light pink with frills at the bottom, and she also wears a dark pink frilly hat with a small knob on the top.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi P's and Tamagotchi Friends

Pinkbotchi has a 50% chance of appearing when first hatching. For each subsequent generation, the chance of getting her increases for each time the user gets Aokumotchi. Pinkbotchi evolves randomly into either Terubotchi or Puchihanatchi after one hour.  On the first generation, Pinkbotchi's chance of evolving into Terupotchi is the same as its chance of evolving into Petithanatchi; 50% for both, but in subsequent generations, Pinkbotchi has a boosted 66% chance of evolving into the child character it did not evolve into last time.

In The Anime

Pinkbotchi made her anime debut in Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream.

Name Origin

Pinkbotchi's name comes from the English word pink, and the Japanese word bou, which means cap.

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