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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.

The Pocket Usapiyo (ポケットうさピヨ) is a licensed Tamagotchi Nano variant based on the Tokyo Disney Sea Easter mascot Usapiyo. It was released exclusively at Tokyo Disney on April 22, 2019, coinciding with an updated rerelease of the Pocket Usatama. The virtual pet was revealed in the Japanese Magazine Disney FAN[1].


There are no on-screen icons, and therefore all information is conveyed through the screen and buttons. Pressing the A button opens the main menu, with the options to feed or to play the games.

If Usapiyo needs something, the user can press the C button for an animation to see what it needs. If Usapiyo looks dizzy, it's hungry; if it looks away, it's unhappy. If the user presses the C button when it doesn't need something, Usapiyo will perform a Close Up.

Failing to respond to calls to feed or play will make the Usapiyo sulk. Sulking can be alleviated by pressing the A button. If left sulking for too long, it will run away.

Opening Animation

The Pocket Usapiyo features a unique opening animation after setting the clock. An egg will appear, and either Daisy Duck or Minnie Mouse will appear painting it. Afterward, the egg will crack, and Usapiyo will appear.

Games and Growth

The Pocket Usapiyo has a total of five minigames, and each one affects which evolution Usapiyo will become.

  • Paint Game: Usapiyo will stand next to an egg, and the user must press the A button rapidly to make Usapiyo paint it.
  • Matching Game: Three spinning slots appear with three possible images (a coin, bumblebee, and a top hat). Pressing A or B stops the slots one at a time (left first, then middle, then right). The game last five rounds, and after the third round, the slots will spin faster. The user must successfully match the images five times for a perfect game.
  • Usapiyo Which Way: The user must pick which of two eggs they think Usapiyo is hiding in. Pressing A chooses the left egg, and B chooses the right egg. There are five rounds, and the user must guess correctly at least once to win.
  • Catch Game: The user must catch five coins while avoiding the falling hats. The objects will fall in three columns across the screen. Pressing A moves the catching platform left, and B moves it right.
  • Usapiyo Dance ♪: Usapiyo will dance around the screen and then present the user with arrows corresponding to buttons to press (left for A, B for right, once or twice). The user must successfully respond at least once to win the game, and five times for a perfect game.


Occasionally throughout the day, the user's Usapiyo may encounter a flock of other Usapiyos. The flock will try to convince the user's Usapiyo to run away with them. Pressing the A button will call the user's Usapiyo back. If the player fails to respond in the hour, the Usapiyo may begin to sulk or successfully run away. The user will not be able to feed or play with the Usapiyo, but can still check the status and clock, as well as turn the sound on and off.

Daily Animations

Like other Nano variants, Usapiyo will perform a Close Up on its own at 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 6:00 PM.

Usapiyo will appear performing various activities at Disneyland throughout the day, including riding a hot air balloon, watching parades or fireworks, or riding theme park rides.


The function of Death is replaced with Usapiyo running away, leaving a note behind. If the Usapiyo was given bad care, the note will read "バイバイ..." ("Bye bye..."). If it was given good care, the note instead reads "またね!" ("See you!").



  • Like the Pocket Usatama, the Pocket Usapiyo was never advertised through any official Bandai channel (including Tamagotch Channel), and lacks Tamagotchi and Bandai branding on its packaging.
  • Several games are taken from other Nano variants:


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