Hapihapitchi chamametchi fight
Pow! A Squabble Between Siblings? (ボカーン! きょうだいゲンカ? Bokān! Kyō dai genka?) is part one of episode 33 of the Tamagotchi! anime. It was rebroadcast as the 7th Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishuu GO episode on the 14th of May, 2015.


Chamametchi is playfully chasing Hapihapitchi outside while Mamametchi is taking the dry clothes off the washing line. Once Chamametchi catches Hapihapitchi, they go inside to play some more. Hapihapitchi wants to go for a walk, but they get into a disagreement. Hapihapitchi decides to go out by herself. When Mamametchi comes into the room with the laundry, she wonders where Hapihapitchi is. Chamametchi, who is doing stencils, grumpily responds that Hapihapitchi went out on her own.

Outside, Hapihapitchi is joyfully flying along Tama Street. She flies around TAMAX-TV, and briefly greets Daikutchi and Tonkatchi. Soon, she falls asleep in midair and plummets towards the ground.

It is time for dessert and Hapihapitchi still isn't back home. Chamametchi sits at the table with two uneaten cakes in front of her. Her tummy growls and she vigorously shakes her head to dismiss the hunger. She looks at the open window, waiting, and begins to get angry.

Meanwhile, Lovelin and Telelin are riding home in the Lovelin Tour Bus. Suddenly, the car screeches and stops, jolting them both. The two of them look out to see a ball of fluff with a blue glowing heart. Telelin thinks it's a pink cloud. Two ears and a body pop out of it, revealing it to have been a bundled-up Hapihapitchi. Lovelin and Telelin rush over to make sure she is okay, and she weakly tries to talk. Lovelitchi asks what's wrong and Hapihapitchi begs for some sweets, making Telelin exasperated.

The scene changes to TamaCafe, with Hapihapitchi enthusiastically eating sweets. The heart on her head is dark pink instead of blue, signalling that she is now happy. Lovemamalitchi gets up to call Mametchi so that he can come over to pick Hapihapitchi up, but Hapihapitchi is quick to tell her not to. Lovemamalitchi remarks that everyone at home would be worried about her, but Hapihapitchi insists that it's okay because it's only a short amount of time. Telelin asks Hapihapitchi to help make cookies, and she accepts.

At the Mame Family house, Mamametchi is telling Mametchi about Hapihapitchi's disappearance. Chamametchi insists that it doesn't matter to her, much to Mametchi's protest. Mametchi asks if they had a fight, and Chamametchi reacts hostilely to his question. Mametchi ponders to himself and goes to find his "searchy-spinny hat" invention. However, because it can only fit Hapihapitchi's head, it explodes when he tries to set it on his own head. Chamametchi saw all this happen while peering through his doorway, and then anxiously looks at the time on the clock.

At TamaCafe, Hapihapitchi seems worried about the time as well. But she soon forgets about it and continues making cookies with Telelin, while Lovepapalitchi takes photos. As Hapihapitchi and Telelin decorate the baked cookies, Lovelitchi goes to make a phone call to Mametchi.

When Mametchi learns from Lovelitchi that Hapihapitchi is at TamaCafe, he knocks on Chamametchi's bedroom door and asks her to come with him. Behind the door, she has started crying.

Hapihapitchi and Telelin have fully completed the cookies, and Lovemamalitchi points out how late it is. Moments later, the doorbell rings. Lovelitchi, Telelin, and Hapihapitchi go to see who it is. It turns out to be Mametchi, and he has Chamametchi with him. Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi start fighting again, until Mametchi loses his temper and shouts at them. This causes Chamametchi to get startled and drop a small white box she had been carrying. She worriedly opens it and looks inside to see the two cakes from earlier, and sighs in relief at the fact that they are undamaged.

Lovelitchi asks Chamametchi what the cakes are for, and Chamametchi says that they are for herself and Hapihapitchi. She says that they wouldn't taste yummy if she ate them on her own. Hapihapitchi's eyes shine and she suddenly flies into Chamametchi's arms. Hapihapitchi apologizes while crying, saying that they should always stay together. Chamametchi hugs and nuzzles her in return, crying as well. Mametchi and all of Lovelitchi's family smile at them. Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi are then ready to go home together.




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